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10 Hidden Uses for Bean Bag Chairs That Don’t Get the Spotlight They Deserve

Most people’s perception of bean bags is one dimensional. It is an extra piece of furniture to sit on. This is not always the case though, as bean bags have a plethora of other uses.

Here are ten hidden uses for bean bag chairs that do not get the spotlight they deserve.

Pool Floats

Most materials used to manufacture bean bags are waterproof, and bean bags float. Bean bags are perfect for when you are down a floaty and everyone is looking to relax on the water. Bean bags are also great as they can act as furniture outside the pool until being used for floating purposes. Bean bags are available at fombag.com.

Camera Stand

Instead of the traditional tripod, try using a bean bag. Bean bags can be easily manipulated to accommodate different shots. They can prop the camera up higher and lower, and to whatever side you need. It is great if you have a bean bag already lying around, as you won’t need to purchase a tripod.

Heating Pads

The materials that make up a bean bag make a great heating pad as well. Bean bag fillers such as rice and wheat will hold heat up to one hour, providing a perfect spot to relax. You can also add things to your bean bags that provide a lovely smell. Lavender, cloves, and rose petals are all great options.

Pet Bed

Bean bags make a perfect resting spot for your pets. They are comfortable and can come in a wide array of colors and sizes. They can accommodate the needs of a Great Dane or a little kitten—sometimes both at the same time depending on the size of the bean bag you have.


Bean bags can contribute great style to your home. A beanbag can be used to fill space in a room, or it can be used to contribute to whatever style you are looking to decorate your home. Bean bags can fit in with the modern aesthetic quite well. A grey or white bean bag is most optimal to fit in with the modern look.


Bean bags can store almost anything. Their large design allows this. Things such as books, toys, or clothes can all be stored in bean bags.

Home Theatre

Bean bags are most commonly thought about as additional furniture in a bedroom or near a couch. They are very great as the primary sitting spot in a home theater.


Children who suffer from autism benefit greatly from bean bags. Autistic children tend to have poor muscle tone, therefore making bean bags one of the most optimal pieces of furniture.

Desk Chair

Bean bags make a great desk chair as they are very comfortable and promote good posture. If you are looking to improve your posture, purchasing a bean bag may help.

Play Device

If you or your children often find themselves throwing toys or pillows at each other, a bean bag may be a good alternative. They are fun to throw, and their soft texture and density make them relatively safe—much safer than plastic toys.

Although these uses for bean bags are often overlooked, they still offer great benefits to your home. Look into the purchase of a bean bag if you would benefit from any of these uses.


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