10 Travel Hacks For Amazing Beach Vacations

A beach holiday can be a great idea if you just want to relax and unwind. It gives you an opportunity to rejuvenate your body and mind. Nothing matches the feeling of lying down on the soft sand and soaking the sun and relishing the fresh beach air! Beyond everything, a beach destination is ideal for solo travelers as well as family vacationers. What’s more, you can create some amazing memories on a beach vacation. However, planning a trip to the beachside requires a lot of thinking because not everything is as glamorous as it sounds.

There is much that you may have to deal with, from sunburns to insect bites, wet and uncomfortable clothing and more. Here are some travel hacks that you can try for making your next beach vacation an amazing one.

Time it right

The most important tip for planning a wonderful beach vacation is to time it right. You would not want to go to an amazing destination just to sit inside your hotel room, all because you land there in the rainy season. Take out some time for research so that you can find about the all-year weather at your destination. Schedule your travel plan according to optimal weather that is just perfect for a relaxing holiday.

Choose a feasible accommodation option

Hotel pool on the beach - Beach Vacations

When you travel to a beach destination, you should find an accommodation that is close to the beach, like Byron Bay holiday apartments to rent. You would not want to spend long hours and hundreds of dollars just to commute to the beach every day. Look for a hotel or resort that has a private beach so that you can enjoy your time in the sun and the sand. Luxury villas like St Barts Villas are the best option to enjoy your holidays like a king. You may even look for a traveling home by the seaside if you are looking to enjoy alone time in complete privacy.

Pack light and comfortable

As a rule of thumb, you should pack light for a vacation because you would not want to be towing the luggage from the airport to the airport. The best way to pack smart is by having a checklist and sticking to it. Count the number of outfits you

need and pack only one or two extra. Besides making sure that you don’t carry too much, prioritize outfits that offer complete comfort. Look for quick-drying, lightweight and skin-friendly fabrics if you want to avoid a mess.

Pay attention to the right swimwear

Since you are traveling to a beach destination, you will definitely need swimwear. However, make sure that you carry only the right ones. There are some destinations where you can wear the boldest bikinis and no one will give you a second look. On the other hand, you cannot dress as liberally in some other parts of the world. Some research on the internet would give you a fair idea about the types of swimwear you can wear at the destination you plan to visit. Talking to someone who has been there will also help.

Don’t forget the essentials

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Though you need to pack only the minimal, there are some essentials that you should not forget at any cost. Sunscreen tops the list because you will definitely need it to protect your skin from sunburns while you spend the entire day outdoors. Other items on the list of essentials include sun hats, sarongs, sunglasses and umbrella as well. Pack medications for cuts and wounds, skin allergies and insect bites because you may need them anytime.

Don’t confine yourself to the beach

Of course, you have a beach holiday on your mind but don’t confine yourself to the beach only. Explore other places to visit in the city because you may not come back here again. If you are traveling to Myrtle Beach, this checklist from Vacations Made Easy can help you with the places that you must not miss while holidaying here. Plan an itinerary that includes the popular tourist hubs in addition to the time you want to spend on the beach.

Carry the right footwear

Traveling to a beach destination means that you should prioritize comfort over everything else. The most important aspect is to carry the right footwear. Have a pair or two of colorful flip-flops that you can wear on the beach. A pair of easy shoes

are ideal for a day out in the city because you will have to walk a lot. Heels are the last thing that you should pack in your footwear while traveling to an exotic beach.

Take plenty of photos

You will probably have a wonderful time on the beach but don’t forget to capture these moments. Carrying a DSLR camera is a good idea though you can also use your smartphone to click the shots. Make sure that it has a good quality camera and plenty of memory to get you unlimited clicks. And don’t forget your charger because you wouldn’t want the camera or phone to run out of charge while you want to take some great pics.

Do have a water safety strategy in place

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The most important tip for traveling to a beach destination is to have a water safety strategy in place. This becomes critical if you have children along because you need to keep them safe in the water. Don’t leave them unattended even if they know swimming. Learn more about the warning signs of rip currents and maintain a distance from the sea if you notice them. Also, keep an eye on dangerous insects and fish underwater because they can cause serious problems.

Get travel insurance

Emergencies can happen anywhere, even on holidays. You need to be prepared because an unseen medical emergency can cause huge expenses and even wipe out your savings. For this reason, you must always get coverage under travel insurance before setting off. It keeps you stress-free and enables you to enjoy the trip to the fullest.

These simple and practical beach vacation tips can make your holiday completely safe and hassle-free. While enjoyment matters a lot when you travel to a beach destination, safety should always be your top priority. These smart hacks will have you covered on both fronts.

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