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10 Types of Fences that Allow for Extra Privacy

Whether you are buying a fence for your yard at home or your business, you may want a kind that gives you extra privacy. Several fences exist that will serve you well in this area. We will mention a few in the following article.

Stockade-Style Fences

If you feel you need fences for privacy above all else, the stockade-style wooden fence should get the job done. The reason it provides privacy is that the wooden slats laid on their sides and stacked on top of each other are almost impenetrable to any prying eyes on the outside of the area you are enclosing.

Solid Vinyl Fences

Vinyl fences are solid, and that’s probably their greatest asset. If you want privacy, the panels you get from vinyl are an excellent choice, even if someone is trying their best to peek inside.

Vinyl Picket Fences

Sticking with vinyl but going to a picket-style fence works too. People can’t see inside very well, and many homeowners find this choice charming.

Vinyl Lattice Fences

You can always go with a lattice-style vinyl fence. These are solid for the lower three-quarters, but there’s a lattice on top that blocks taller people from seeing over.

Side-by-Side Wooden Fences

Side-by-side wooden fences are solid, and they are similar to the stockade style we mentioned earlier. However, the slats stand straight up instead of lying on their sides.

Horizontal Slat Fences

Wooden horizontal slat fences feature long, narrow boards that are laid on their sides and then connected by posts. Because they are completely solid, no one will be able to see what’s beyond the fence at all unless they are tall enough to peer over it.

Wrought Iron Fences

Wrought iron fences have an imposing look to them. If you want a home that looks a little militaristic or like someone from the Mafia lives there, this might be a good pick. Some of them offer virtually no view of what’s inside, either.

Board-on-Board Fences

Board-on-board wooden fences have one layer of boards and another layer that goes over the top of the first one. The interlocking vertical boards give you the privacy you want, and the double thickness of the design means they are very sturdy as well. That often comes in handy if you have high winds in your area.

Diamond-Style Lattice Fences

This wooden fence style comes with a diamond lattice on the top and solid wooden boards standing vertically underneath. They have an elegant look to them and are a favorite of many homeowners with yards in the Pacific Northwestern part of the United States.

The Mesh Fence

There are several styles of mesh fence. The wire ones can offer some degree of privacy, depending on the type of wire and how you set them up. These are lightweight and cost-effective, though they might not stand up to the roughest weather as well as certain others on this list.

One of these fences should surely give you the look and privacy you want.


15 thoughts on “10 Types of Fences that Allow for Extra Privacy

  • Thank you for this insightful blog post! Your detailed descriptions and beautiful images make it easier to choose the perfect fence that aligns with our needs and enhances the overall appeal of our property.

  • I wish we could do these but we have a HOA and only certain fences are allowed. Boo.

  • These are nice options for when it comes to fencing. Definitely good to have a variety to choose from for privacy.

  • I would invest for the extra privacy. Especially true if I had a swimming pool.

  • Having privacy for your outdoor space is so important. At the moment we feel quite exposed, so you have given us lots of ideas as to how we can change this

  • having a fence that provides total privacy is so worth it.. and in our case, we have a natural one – with a line of pine trees right in front of our regular sized fence..

  • These are amazing options for privacy fencing. I have vinyl fencing and I love it. But the down side is that I have to pressure wash it from time to time. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  • I think this is helpful to guide people in getting the right fence. Privacy is a big thing for many!

  • We just got a brand new fence. I wanted it short enough to still be able to talk to my neighbor. I didn’t really want privacy more so a fence to keep my dog contained.

  • I love the privacy, especially in my yard. I will definitely take in consideration these types of fences!

  • This is a good list of tips. There is a lot of information here that I need to keep in mind. Your sharing is greatly appreciated.

  • Ohh never considered the fence before, but because of this I might use the side-by-side wood fence, I love it!

  • These are good consideration about the fence, we are not yet in the process of the house renovation, but saving this for future preferrence.

  • I really wish my landlord would let us have privacy fences but they don’t. It would be nice to be able to just let the dogs out to run without having to leash them up. Oh well 🙂

  • Thanks for helping me understand how investing in fences can help improve your home’s appearance. I have a colleague who wants to invest in renovating his home and boost its visual appearance. Maybe we should find a fencing company that can help install these upgrades that can boost the home’s privacy.


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