This makes me tingle!

I’m working on getting my stock built up, for my new business…

Tulle We Meet Again – Tutus & More

My site is set up on Facebook, and I hope to be “open for business” at the end of the summer.

Here is one of the lines that I will be offering.  I’ll post some pics of my tutu’s soon…but for now, I hope that you enjoy these, as much as I do making them!

It doesn’t take much to keep me happy…just something to keep my hands busy. A creative outlet.

I like working on projects that have “small details”. When I was back in Florida, and working with my BFF, on expo’s weddings & receptions, anniversary parties, etc. etc. We were all inclusive and did the decorations, flowers, and food.

I always did the wiring and taping of individual stems, for “boots”, corsages, and bouquets.  I did big arrangements and small, but I didn’t mind doing the  prep work, and everyone else was happy to pass that chore on to me.~~~ Making Ribbon and Flower Hair Accessories, lets me work with flowers, ribbon, and beads, which are some of my favorite supplies…I also enjoy decoupage, scrapbooking, making tutu’s and other crafts.

What projects give YOU pleasure?

Tulle We Meet Again…My Newest Craft

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