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2023 Holiday Gift Ideas and Buying Guide | Adult Stocking Stuffers

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Stockings hanging from garland

Someone said that the most useless things at Christmas time are stockings for mom (maybe dad too).

Here are some great ideas to fill up those stockings and bring a smile to adult faces on Christmas Morning.

Welcome Oh Beautiful Ones to our 2023 Gift Ideas and Buying Guide | Stocking Stuffers for Adults!

Didi Beauty – Coffee Inspired Lip Gloss Shades

Didi Beauty
DIDI BEAUTY CO. was founded in 2018 with the vision to be the most preferred cosmetic brand out of Africa, providing global standard cosmetic products that are both user and eco-friendly. With over 200 distributors, covering 3 continents, thousands of products sold and several products in development, DIDI BEAUTY CO. is one of the fastest-growing brands in Africa. The first of many, pushing boundaries and redefining the makeup industry. 
At DIDI BEAUTY CO., we believe everyone should be able to experiment and express themselves with makeup and feel confident, this drives us to break new grounds/frontiers and bring innovative products to our customers irrespective of skin color and age grade. Our founder, Ms. Doyinsola Afolabi, an investment banker turned beautypreneur was first introduced to the art of makeup by her father, who was a connoisseur of the most exquisite makeup products. His unusual but skilled interest in rouges and blushers was the beginning of something revolutionary, and Doyinsola’s first two lessons about true beauty; 
i. Beauty is not bound by stereotypes, and 
ii. The most gorgeous of things can come from people and places we least expect. 
As Doyinsola grew older, she became even more interested in cosmetics and began to practice as a makeup artist. In the early days of her career, Doyinsola had the opportunity of trying many beauty products from all around the world but was not satisfied with the available products for women of color at the time. There were flaws with the products in the market, including unsuitability with black skin, and massive exorbitance. Doyinsola also observed that the makeup industry was targeted at women below the age of forty hence most products were non-inclusive. This led Doyinsola to search for an all-inclusive, higher quality yet affordable makeup product not restricted by color, culture, age, or religion. 
Every brand starts with a goal, DIDI BEAUTY’s was simple: to provide makeup products for EVERYONE Starting with eyebrow pencils and beauty blenders, DIDI BEAUTY CO. began operations in Lagos, now with a whole range and variety of products to make every woman feel confident about her appearance. DIDI BEAUTY brand is passionate about women and youth empowerment, collaborating with beauty professionals to impact women in the beauty industry by sponsoring makeup and editing classes and also providing makeup influencers and artists with products to upgrade their skills. 
DIDI BEAUTY is for you, for everyone, who is interested in celebrating beauty, individuality, and confidence.
* Shades in the All Nood Here Lip Gloss with Hyaluronic Acid Collection: Black Coffee, Cappuccino, Espresso, Frappe, Glace, Irish Coffee, Latte, Lungo, Macchiato, Marochinno, Mocha, Plazzo, Americano, and Claro”

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Stockings hanging from garland

Sauce Goddess

Sauce Goddess
Fennel and Thyme Onion Dip & Spread Mix | BBQ Sweet Heat Spice Shaker – 5.2 oz. | 4 Sauce Sampler | Latin heat Spice Bulk Bag

“Let us tell you about Sauce Goddess. We LOVE  to show off. We love to show you that REAL FOOD ingredients can make really amazing meals. Try for yourself with our deliciously different sauces, spices and new dip and spread mixes.

If you want to have some real fun you can watch some of our older cooking videos on youtube. Get our the chips, one of our new dip mixes and prop your feet up and laugh (and maybe get an idea or two).

We LOVE to help you show off in the kitchen. Once you have our recipes, they’re sure to applaud when dinner is done.  We can help you make a great meals with REAL FOOD ingredients. Get out there and cook something!”

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest 

Stockings hanging from garland


Support System | VZ | Easy Breather  | Solid Eight | Fixed Focus | Flashback 

“Herbalogic is here to help the world discover the benefits of natural, plant-based, traditional herbal remedies. Its herbal health products based on Chinese herbal medicine are Made in the USA, where traditional remedies blend with the latest science to excellent results. All products are in small batches and minimally processed.

Minimally Processed, Plant-Based Herbal Remedies

Herbalogic is on a mission to help the world discover the benefits of natural, plant-based, traditional herbal remedies.

All of our products are small batch and minimally processed.

Herbalogic’s Table of Elements

Do any of these ‘elements’ resonate with you?

Some of these elements are things we struggle to control. Others are traits we wish to embrace. They are all elements that influence good health.”

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Pure Sky by Pesik

Pure Sky
Pure Sky Ultra -Microfiber Eyeglass Cleaner Cloth |4- Piece Microfiber Towels for Cars Cleaning Kit | Ultra – Microfiber Floor Mop| Ultra-Microfiber Cleaning Cloth Set

“Founded in 2013, Pure Sky aims to turn your home into the feel-good heaven you always dreamed of.

With our products that pair innovation, top-tier quality and affordability, Pure Sky is a brand obsessed with making your cleaning process easier and way more efficient.

In a few words, our goal is to help you spend less time on the dirty stuff, and more time enjoying your family life at home.”

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Stockings hanging from garland

Creekside Mallow

Creekside Mallow Co.
Birthday Cake Mallows | S’mores Kit |Double Chocolate Hot Cocoa | Peppermint Mallow Toppers

“Creekside Mallow is a family-owned small business that makes gourmet marshmallows from scratch and s’mores-inspired treats. They offer a complete s’mores kit with everything needed to make a campfire treat!

Our Story

Creekside Mallow was born from a backyard campfire and sleepover when our daughter, Grace, had a light bulb moment and rushed into the house and yelled, “We should open a gourmet s’mores store!” We didn’t act immediately but the idea stayed in our minds, prompting conversations about how the store would have to revolve around an exceptional marshmallow. Our search came up empty in looking for a source for better than average mallow. We began to research and experiment with recipes until they came up with the perfect hand-crafted mallow.

Our experiments lead to testing, and family and friends became our “focus group”. The reactions were encouraging and that encouragement lead to the development of an idea of how to sell our new product. We decided that we would build a catering business around our mallows. A S’mores bar that would allow people to make a gourmet S’more using our mallows and different chocolates and sauces.”

Our first event was a hit! We were beginning to think we had something and as word got out, we found that we were getting calls from all over the area. Several times at each event customers would tell us that we needed to sell the mallows in stores. Our story may have ended there, we had no idea how to get a product of our own into stores, much less how to package, market, and distribute it. A chance meeting in Boise introduced us to the Idaho Small Business Development Center and a host of advisors and mentors. Working with the SBDC, which we still lean on from time to time, was the break we desperately needed.

 In 2017 fate smiled on us once again when we found our current store and commercial kitchen location in downtown Caldwell Idaho. This meant we would no longer be needing to rent space in someone else’s kitchen and we could really pursue wholesale accounts, along with having a small retail location of our own.

Partnerships, collaborations, and terrific people in many positions have brought us to our current state and we appreciate everyone of them.”

Website | Facebook | Instagram

Stockings hanging from garland

NoseBest Candles

NoseBest Candles
Mountain Daddy | Silver Fox | Midnight Viewing | Witching Hour | Afternoon Delight

“NoseBest Candles’ mission is to provide a cheeky way to “remix your senses” with their hand-poured and handcrafted candles. Each blend of fragrances (and their witty, sex-positive names) is guaranteed to blow you away and set your ideal vibe! The best part? It’s a party in a jar with their digital speakeasies! Each candle comes with a curated Spotify playlist and cocktail recipe. So whether you’re having a few friends over, or having an evening to yourself, the brand provides you with a little support to help you sit back, relax, and burn at your own enjoyment. Everything is hand-poured in Brooklyn, made with 100% soy wax, cotton core wicks, phthalate-free, and no Mutagens or Carcinogens. ”

Website |Instagram | Pinterest | YouTube | TikTok

Stockings hanging from garland


Chike Nutrition

Chike Nutrition
Chike Ice Shaker Stainless Steel Shaker Bottle | Sampler Pack*

“Chike Nutrition is coffee’s favorite protein with your health in mind. The brand creates 10 customer-favorite flavors for iced protein coffee that take less than a minute to make for a delicious boost of protein and espresso!

Many times, the first thing our customers will ask is “How do I pronounce your name” or “What does your name mean?” We’re here to help, because if you can say “drop the mic” or “bowl a strike” or “fish for pike” YOU, my friend, can say CHIKE!

The word “Chike” comes from an African tribal language, meaning “strength” and “power.” If you turn our logo on its side it makes a power logo.

Sample Pack Included: Mocha, Original, Vanilla, Caramel, and Cinnamon.”

Website | Facebook |Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest | YouTube | TikTok

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Grandma Irma Sauces
BBQ SauceJerk Sauce | Habanero Mango

“Grandma Irma Sauces is owned by The Flemings.

Because of their faith and belief the two muscled up enough courage to believe in their own  abilities; which strengthened them to beat all odds and start a business.

Grandma Irma Sauces is a company that develops a variety of gourmet sauces at a consumer’s advantage. Our sauces are authenticated with secret seasonings as we aim to deliver a fresh bottle every time.

We are a company that is geared towards community services as we dedicate some of the proceeds of the business towards workshops and seminars to help the Trauma Recovery Community.

Grandma Irma Sauces is counting on you to support

Trauma Recovery – One Bottle At A Time…”

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Stockings hanging from garland

18 thoughts on “2023 Holiday Gift Ideas and Buying Guide | Adult Stocking Stuffers

  • I love these ideas! Sometimes it’s hard to figure out stocking stuffers for adults.

  • Great list of gift ideas. I’m interested in the Herbalogic line as these would be great stocking stuffers.

  • So many awesome things. I am all about food items in my stocking as I love to eat!

  • I would love the marshmallows in my stocking. They have some unique flavors.

  • So many great gift ideas here. I’m always trying to figure out what to do for stockings. You’ve got a great list.

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  • The inclusion of Chike Nutrition’s protein coffee and Grandma Irma Sauces’ flavorful options ensures our stockings will be brimming with joy and delicious surprises.

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  • Coffee-inspired lipsticks! What a great idea! I’ll buy those for myself! 😀 And the marshmallow chocolate too, love that!

  • I love these and I really like the lip gloss. Sometimes it’s hard finding good adult stocking stuffers, you have a great list of products here.

  • Such a good list. Now, I know what to buy for my sisters. Thank you!

  • love all the ideas but those smores kits and the nose best candles sound loveliest of the lot for me

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  • These are great ideas and I love that you included home items from Pure Sky. I think the microfiber towels are going to be very useful and is a practical stocking stuffer.

  • A wonderful list of holiday gift ideas! What a wonderful guide!

  • Love all the stocking stuffer ideas you’ve shared! The barbecue sauces look soooo good! I’ve added some of your ideas to my own list!

  • I might have to get my son a new insulated water bottle for Christmas. He is allowed to carry one around to his classes which is awesome. We couldn’t do that in school. We had to get a drink at lunch or while changing classes.


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