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2023 Holiday Gift Ideas and Buying Guide Page | SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE

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So many great brands for different folks on your holiday shopping list!

Welcome everyone to our 2023 Holiday Gift Ideas and Buying Guide Page | SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE

Christmas Trees

KURU Footwear

“KURU Footwear is on mission to help you Heel Better.™ Every step you take starts with your heels—and it can get painful, fast. In fact, 80% of Americans experience foot pain, with heel pain at the top of the list.* At KURU, we believe health starts with heel. Our heel-hugging KURUSOLE tech dynamically flexes to hug and protect your heels—all day, any day. This heels-first focus paves the way for foot pain relief and whole-body wellness, so you can live a life you love.”

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S12 Pro Safety Bundle |Huggable Cooling Maternity Body Pillow | Smart Baby Sound Machine – App Remote Control

Our Story, Our Commitment

“We launched the Momcozy Breast Pump Bra in 2017 with the intention of solving a problem mothers faced. Breast pumping technology at the time was not optimized for the lifestyle of being a parent or even a working mother.

We weren’t content on simply letting mothers choose between their life or their child’s when there could be a world designed for both. As a team filled with mothers ourselves, we couldn’t ignore it anymore!

So with the help of our dedicated community, we set out to create a
product that’s not just designed to give mothers more choice, but to transition the industry towards a new goal, to involve mothers in the design process for their betterment.

Since then, we’ve only done more towards our mission of empowering moms all over the world to feel beautiful and powerful in comfort. From our quick technology evolutions year on year to our full range of specially designed maternity products made for the occasion, we treat all our product lines as essential items, because that’s what they are to our users.”

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The Mozy

Mobile and Hands-Free

“Is there a kid’s game or outdoor event you have to attend this winter, even if it’s bitter cold? Come prepared with The Mozy and you won’t think twice about missing any of the action!

Featuring scientifically engineered and tested thermal technology that prevents convective heat loss, Mozy is a warm hug on a brisk day, a comfortable seat for wet bleachers, and a lifesaver on chilly nights for sporting events, acting like a jacket over your legs. This cold-weather outdoor must-have is more than 500% warmer than traditional stadium blankets.

The Mozy not only delivers superior warmth, but it’s also provides seamless mobility – you can wrap it on your lower body and still walk around or stand up and cheer for your favorite team! Imagine no more freezing legs while watching your sports team, tailgating, camping, walking the dog, or relaxing on the porch. It’s customizable with your own patches to make it super cute to match your personality and team spirit!

Get on your feet without losing heat! Your lower body wrap fastens around your waist leaving you hands free so you can hop up and cheer without your blanket falling to the ground.

Fit what you want, where you want! Featuring two easy-to reach pockets and a carabiner clip, Mozy secures all your outdoor essentials from water bottles to keys, hats, gloves, cell phones, even adult beverages.

Simply press the wrap closed along your left side as snuggly as you’d like. Mozy’s snag-free hook and loop border creates a seal that’s easy to adjust and open, while helping to keep you dry and comfortable.”

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Penta Driver Headphones – P50 | Fit SE Open Earbuds S30Fit Open Earbuds S50 / Grey | Fit Open Earbuds S50 / Silver | SonoFlow SE Noise Cancelling Headphones HQ30

“1More Hear More

1More is a professional audio brand that is committed to bring consumers high-end audio solutions with studio-quality sound, delicate design, and excellent build quality. 1More was born with a profound mission: Music lovers, young or old, frugal or effluent, deserve to hear music as it was meant to be heard, as the artist intended it to be heard. Everyone deserves to #HearMore.

A Globally Distributed Audio Brand

1MORE has branches in the US, the UK and China. Our channels reach 60 countries and regions, including the US, Canada, UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, Greece, Australia, Korea, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, and Vietnam.”

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Adirondack  Fragrance Farm

Adirondack Fragrance Farm
Balsam & Green Tea 4.5o.z, Teapot Candle Gift Set |Balsam & Cedar Candle |Balsam and Lavender Candle | 2oz. Cloth Wrapped Holiday Soap Set of 3

“Our Vision

To encourage natural living by sharing the unique botanicals and alluring spirit of the Adirondack Region with people everywhere.

Our vision is about the wellbeing of people and the planet; we want to provide people everywhere with a chance to experience nature and reconnect with its wildness, its allure, and its incredible restorative benefits… no matter where they live. From a city high-rise to a seaside bungalow or a rustic retreat, our immersive Adirondack aromas evoke a connection to nature and the tranquility of the wilderness.

Our Mission

To continually create high-quality clean fragrance products that enhance peoples’ homes and lives by using all-natural ingredients, unique Adirondack botanicals, and collaborative artisanal processes to help customers connect to nature and a relaxed rustic lifestyle, while empowering independent suppliers and retailers with valuable business opportunities.  

Our Big Goal

Evoke 1 billion beautiful memories through place-based fragrance.

Brand Promise

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I Love You Mom | To My Daughter | Best FriendsDear Grandma

“Wrap your loved ones in the warmth of ButterTree Blankets this holiday season—a gift that speaks volumes without saying a word. These ultra-soft microfleece options, including blanket hoodies, redefine the meaning of cozy comfort. With 14 designs and vibrant colors, the “I Love You Blankets” deliver not just warmth but a heartfelt message. Boasting a 5-star rating from 15K reviews on Amazon, this family-owned brand sets itself apart with machine-washable convenience, year-round breathability, and neat stitching that ensures long-lasting coziness. As a testament to their commitment to quality, each blanket is 5” longer than competitors, promising to banish cold toes, too!

*Add a unique touch to your gift with the Customized ‘Letter’ Blanket option, allowing customers to personalize their blankets with photos and heartfelt messages. Make this holiday season unforgettable with the warmth and personalized touch of ButterTree Blankets. Spanish versions are also offered.”

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Cincha Travel

Cincha Travel
Travel Belt | The BARB Bundle | The BELT BUDDY


Our travel accessories blend style and function, so you can enjoy any trip with any bag. Upgrade your travel game and experience the perfect blend of style and functionality with us.


If we had to pick our most important feature of The Travel Belt it would be this elastic slip. It secures The Travel Belt around most trolley handles, helping to keep your bag in place and you on the move.



A metal buckle that will keep your bag in place until you need it. And when you do, you can release it with one hand if you need your bag in a hurry.


Vegan leather accents and herringbone patterned nylon. Stylish for you, safe for the animals.


The perfect amount of give and take. An elastic fitter snatches up any extra slack, and keeps the belt tight, but not too tight.


Travel with ease. Light or overpacked, we’ve got the right size Travel Belt for your vibe. Choose your perfect fit.”

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Christmas Trees


SoulKu Jewelry
Amethyst Refined Necklace for Healing |Limited Edition Ethiopian Opal Gold Hoop Earrings | Fuchsia Crazy Lace All One Bracelet for Happiness


The Meaning of SoulKu

Pronounced “soul-coo.” The word “Ku” in Japanese translates to “a place of infinite possibility.” We like to think of our company as just that, “A place where, guided by our soul’s calling, anything is possible.”

Origin Story

Based in the beautiful mountains of Asheville, NC and birthed in 2011 after the emotional and financial challenges of the recent economic recession, the idea of SoulKu came to owners Elisa and Allison in a vision.

We saw ourselves and people all around the world linked by a network of celebratory, sparkling light that inspired, empowered, and connected us. We both felt our souls calling us to action, to be the change we wished to see. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, we used our world’s challenges as pure inspiration and motivation for empowering ourselves and people everywhere. We created our first collection, Soul Full of Light—simple, meaningful necklaces inspired by the healing properties of gemstones and the spiritual laws of attraction, belief, and Intention. We prayed, sang, and infused each necklace with LOVE and LIGHT. And that’s still how we do it today with our team of SoulKu makers who “heartcraft” each piece.”

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Christmas Trees


Cap’n Coconut

Cap'n Coconut
Coconut Milk Bath | Nourishing Lip Balm | Balm-shell Bundle | Beach Babe Special

About Us

Ahoy! I’m Emily, owner and founder of Cap’n Coconut. The Cap’n Coconut story begins when I was nourishing my skin back to health after treatment for melanoma. Recovery required me to take a step back from my hectic work life and prioritize healing and well-being. I drew inspiration from talks with my dermatologist about the healing properties of coconut oil and traditions learned from long cold winters growing up between Alaska and the Oregon Coast.

I set off developing a coconut body balm recipe and soon enough began sharing it with my friends and family. I met busy working moms crushing their morning workout class, hard-working fishermen pushing through record rockfish seasons, and champion surfers nailing their sunrise sets. Folks who faced eventful days, and had skin and hair ready for recovery with a midday micro vacation.

Their livelihoods inspired me to choose ingredients and develop formulas that make the difference. With Cap’n Coconut, paradise awaits anyone who needs a getaway.”

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Celestial Silk

Celestial Silk
Mulberry Silk Pillow Case in White | Sleep Mist | Celestial Silk Solid Colors | Mulberry Silk Hair Ties

Our passion is creating high-quality silk and self-care products that are affordable to everyone so you can start your self-care journey.

In 2013, I was overworked and exhausted. I felt frazzled, and I wasn’t sleeping. But thankfully, that changed, and it all started with a silk pillowcase.

Hi, I’m Danielle Jackson, founder of Celestial Silk. As a beauty writer, I focused on staying up to date on the latest and best beauty trends and techniques. While writing about tinting eyelashes and using gemstone rollers, I learned how beneficial silk pillowcases were for your hair and skin.

Today we offer both zippered closure and envelope enclosure pillowcases in 28 colors and prints. And we still believe that while silk is a luxury, it doesn’t need the luxury price tag. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to promote the highest quality 100% Mulberry eco-friendly silk at affordable prices.

We continue this passion by bringing you the best in new self-care products, including sleep masks, spa headbands, and beauty rollers. Products that we are proud to offer and use ourselves every day.

Part of a whole life is helping others. That’s why we donate 10% of all proceeds to charity. Additionally, we’ve happily donated more than three thousand silk pillowcases to chemotherapy patients and lower-income women.

I’m thrilled that you’re visiting us! Celestial Silk customers mean the world to me, and I’d love to hear from you. Feel free to ask questions about our products and how to use them! We’re here to help make your Celestial Silk shopping experience the best.”

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