4 Ways to Add Green Tea Into Recipes

Green tea is both delicious and a powerful antioxidant. It is known for many health benefits, including fat burning components. Its popularity has not come at a better time. More and more people seek alternative ways to incorporate healthier choices into their lifestyles. If you’re looking to explore a variety of herbal flavors, you can easily find tea online at My Herb Clinic.

Adding green tea to your daily diet is one way of doing so. For more insights check out these Tea Reviews.

4 Ways to Add Green Tea into Recipes

One of the best ways to have green tea is by drinking it in its natural tea form. If you do not know much about tea and how to find flavors of green tea you like, there are excellent online resources, such as Tea Minded that can help educate you on tea. You can also follow these 4 ways to add green tea into your recipes to help spice up your daily green tea intake.

Add Green Tea Ice Cream

Add Green Tea Into Recipes

Green tea ice cream is an absolute delight to have. You can have this on it’s own, or, add this to a slice of cake or on top of brownies. And, it’s not that difficult to find.

There are plenty of online grocery shops where you can shop for green tea ice cream. If you’re lucky enough to know how to make your own ice cream, you can also make your own version of green tea ice cream.

A popular way of having green tea ice cream is by adding this to a healthy shake. You can blend green tea ice cream with different fruits and greens. You will have a shake that’s rich in nutrition and antioxidants

Add Matcha to Baked Goods

Add Green Tea Into Recipes

If you’re an enthusiastic baker, nothing is better than green tea’s powdered version, Matcha. It has the perfect flavor that can be added to all kinds of baked goodies. Add it to cheesecakes, muffins, or panna cotta.

With matcha, you can explore and experiment with a number of ways to add these to your baking recipes. It can be served with both cold and warm desserts. It’s flavor works well in complementing both sweet and citrusy flavors.

Add Matcha to Your Salad

Add Green Tea Into Recipes

A fresh salad could be the perfect canvas for your Matcha powder. It can add another flavor element, and be the perfect power meal to in the afternoon. Matcha’s light flavor goes really well with different vinaigrette flavors.

You can also choose to make your own homemade matcha vinaigrette for your everyday go-to salad dressing. It’s easy to make and surprisingly affordable.

The great thing about matcha vinaigrette is you can add this to any salad combination. Also, add it to a steamed or pan fried fish dish and it will still be absolutely delicious. The possibilities are endless.

Add Matcha to Your Breakfast

Whether you’re having oatmeal, eggs, or pancakes, your breakfast meal is the perfect way to add green tea into your recipes. Just sprinkle some matcha powder on your breakfast dish, and you are set for the day.

Avoid adding too much powder as it can over power the flavor of your dish. Matcha can start to taste bitter if you have too much of it. A pinch or two of matcha powder is enough to add to your breakfast dish.


Green tea, or matcha, is a wonderful ingredient. It has so many health benefits that can be beneficial to everyone of all ages.

These 4 ways of adding green tea to your recipes could make the biggest difference in your health and your body’s ability to fight against illnesses and diseases. They are very easy to do and will not take away from the flavor of your favorite dishes.

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