4 Ways to Turn Your Morning Routine into the Best Part of Your Day

Your morning routine can set the stage for your entire day. Whether you get up at the crack of dawn or you tend to sleep in late, what you do in the morning can actually be the best part of your day.

Find some quiet

One of the best things about the morning is quiet. If you wake up before the rest of your household, you know how wonderful a silent morning is. A quiet space in the morning gives you time to breathe and enjoy just being awake.

However, if you have a busy morning that offers no opportunity for quiet, you can add some to your life by creating a quiet space. For example, quiet hair dryers can make your world a little less noisy each morning. If you use an alarm clock, find one with an alarm that wakes you gently, rather than with a shock. Leave the TV off in the morning. Don’t look at your phone until you absolutely must. Taking away the noise makes mornings incredibly pleasant.

Get important things done

For many people, morning is when they are most effective. Their thoughts are organized and they have plenty of energy. If this sounds like you, then you should use your morning routine to accomplish the tasks that require the most thought and energy.

As the day progresses, we lose our drive to get things done, so procrastination becomes a problem. This creates a cycle that is tough to escape as tasks build up and we struggle to get to sleep because we think about those tasks.

Do something you enjoy

If you only wake up because you have to get to work early, you might consider adding something you enjoy to your morning routine. For some, that enjoyable thing could be a delicious cup of coffee. For others, it could be waking up early to meditate or move through a few yoga poses.

Maybe you turn up the music and dance for a few minutes. Maybe you use a fragrant shower bomb or a favorite shampoo to make your shower a joyful experience. When you have something to look forward to in the morning, the mornings are a little more pleasant. Think of your enjoyable morning activity as a reward for waking up.

Follow the routine on the weekends

All too often we mess with our body clocks by not following our weekday routines on the weekends. If you follow the same routine each day, your body will become used to the routine and you might not even need an alarm clock to rise and shine.

If it isn’t possible to follow the same routine each day, then try to include a part of your routine. Your body and mind will appreciate having some sense of familiarity in the morning. Do what you can to make the morning an enjoyable part of the day and the rest of your day will follow that pattern, too.






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