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5 Apps To Help Make Your Garden Beautiful

Are you looking to make your garden look beautiful? Want to create a thriving space where you can relax, and maybe even grow your own foods? There’s much to learn about the world of gardening, but thankfully, these applications have got plenty of ideas to help you out.

5 Apps To Help Make Your Garden Beautiful

1 . GrowIt

The GrowIt application includes a plant-loving community. Here is a place where you can get all your questions about plants answered, along with plenty of gardening inspiration. Using the app you can discover which plants are best for your garden, and exactly how to grow them. Whether it’s plants for your yard, your patio, or your apartment, there are plenty of options here. Using GrowIt you can learn how to grow shrubs, trees, vegetables, herbs, flowers, perennials, and more.

2. Gardenize

Gardenize is an app to help you document and keep track of the plants in your garden. Using the app you can save notes, upload garden photos, and create a garden plan. The gardenize tool was created to make looking after your garden simpler. Using your Gardenize account you can consider the weather conditions, plant size, and different soil that impacts your garden. With Gardenize app, can build a library of all your different plants. You can organize your garden using the different areas, whether it’s borders, alleys, or raised beds.

3.  Gardenate

The Gardenate app can help you to grow and learn about 90+ different herbs and vegetables. There’s a planting calendar that shows you what are the best things to grow, both seasonally and according to your climate. There are plenty of growing tips and a space for you to input planting dates and harvest dates. Further features to enjoy include, a plant wish-list; advice on pest control; recording seed details; choose from any climate zone. Growing your own veggies is a fantastic way to go green.

4.  iNaturalist

The iNaturalist app helps users to identify plants and animals, whether it’s in your garden or in the wild. The app includes a community of 400,000 scientists, helping you to learn more about nature. A few of the main features of the app include:

  • Discover the new species around you.
  • Track your observations, and share them with the iNaturalist community.
  • Support others to learn new things.
  • Join in community projects in your local area.

5.  Sowing Calendar

The Sowing Calendar app can help you with your garden all year round. Using the calendar you can check how your seedlings are progressing, store photos, and keep a diary. There’s a special section about ‘pest and diseases’, which gives you all the information you need to protect your plants. Other features of the sowing calendar include:

  • Notifications and plant reminders
  • Sync data between the cloud and your app
  • Accurate sowing times depending on your region.
  • Harvest months, and personal notes.

Growing your own vegetables is an excellent way to become more eco-friendly. For more ideas about going green and saving energy check out Stephen Troese JR.

2 thoughts on “5 Apps To Help Make Your Garden Beautiful

  • I was unaware of these apps! I will be using them to help with my garden next or this year lol. Spring will be here before we know it and I cant wait!

  • I do not have a green thumb so this was so helpful, thanks.


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