5 Common Causes of Truck Collisions in Dallas You Should Be Aware of

Dallas, with almost 1.2 million people, ranks as the third-most populous city in the state of Texas. Dallas is known for its nightlife. People love to party in the city. One more statistic you should know about Dallas is that more than 4000 truck accidents occur every year in the city. In that, more than 38 accidents were fatal.

This is something both the government and the people should be worried about. The government should take measures to reduce the number. People should be careful on the road, especially when driving near trucks, since most victims are drivers of other vehicles.

One way people can take action is by filing a personal injury claim against the at-fault party. Personal injury law allows victims to hold the negligent party accountable for their actions and, at the same time, get compensation for their losses. However, you will need to hire a knowledgeable truck accident lawyer in Dallas since claiming compensation is a complex process.

5 causes of truck accidents in Dallas

The most common cause of truck accidents is negligence. Sure, some accidents could be caused by bad weather, but negligence remains the most common reason. Following are some of the common causes of truck accidents:

  • Truck driver negligence
  • Defective parts
  • Trucking company negligence
  • Improper cargo loading
  • Road conditions

Truck driver negligence

Truck driver negligence is the most basic and common cause of truck accidents. Activities like driving under the influence of alcohol, distracted driving, speeding, etc., are considered negligent behaviors. These behaviors make it 10 times harder to control a truck. Issuing severe penalties for the aforementioned behavior is a great way to control truck drivers’ negligence.

Defective parts

Defective tires are one of the top 3 reasons for truck accidents. Trucks are massive in size and much harder to control than an average sedan. Controlling a truck with a defective part is nearly impossible. A faulty steering wheel or tire can cause the truck to swerve and result in major collisions. Truck manufacturers or maintenance teams can be sued for these types of accidents.

Trucking company negligence

Trucking companies’ goal is to make a profit. And to do that, they need to make more trips. Trucking companies force their drivers to violate the hours of service regulations to make more trips. Violating the hours of service regulations results in drivers being tired. Fatigue leads to accidents. Also, trucking companies hire underqualified drivers without proper screening, which raises the risk of accidents.

Improper cargo loading

The cargo should be loaded in a certain manner to balance out the weight. Improper loading can make the truck swerve due to improper weight distribution among the trucks. This is one of the most common reasons for jackknife accidents. Also, cargo teams overload the truck to move more cargo in one trip. This, too, increases the risk of accidents.

Road conditions

Sometimes it’s the government’s fault, as with most things. Improper road conditions can lead to truck accidents. The government should be held liable for these types of accidents. You will need the help of experienced truck accident attorneys to do so.


Truck accidents are devastating. You can mitigate the consequences of a truck accident by filing a personal injury lawsuit. Hire a truck accident lawyer and recover your losses.

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