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5 Jewelry Pieces For Your 2022 Winter Wardrobe

Are you thinking of changing your wardrobe this winter? You will certainly need some jewelry to give that extra oomph to your outfits. From chic and cozy cashmere sweaters to stylish balaclava, a piece of jewelry is the perfect accessory to enhance your look. You can wear the shiniest pearl or pamper yourself with diamond pieces to stand out. However, ensure your jeweler has a GIA certification to prove the authenticity of your gems jewelry.

Before you splurge on beautiful jewelry this season, here are the best jewelry pieces for your winter wardrobe. 

  • Big and colorful statement jewelry

Make a statement this winter by incorporating a pop of color that can add beauty and vibrancy to a drab outfit. Statement pieces are easy to look bold and fabulous this winter, as long as you don’t overdo it by wearing too many colors or patterns. When choosing your pieces, always remember the bigger, the better. You can add a chunky bracelet or dangly earrings in a color that compliments your skin tone, so keep this in mind. Diamonds are always a rave, so you can opt for a statement ring with a big diamond rock to complete your look. 

  • Collar necklaces 

If you want an impactful look without going big or bold, a collar necklace is the jewelry piece that will give you a subtle but powerful fashion presence. A collar necklace is spectacular when made of gems, jewels, or pearls. This fashion-forward jewelry piece is short and can be paired with a formal outfit, a crisp white shirt, and a pair of denim jeans, so feel free to consider this. 

  • Brooches 

Brooches are making a major comeback this winter. Aside from pearly brooches, the ones you will find today are in different and exciting shapes and sizes, made with jewels and even birthstones. A brooch can add a touch and elegance to a boring turtleneck. Or you can wear it on your skirt, hat, and lapel. 

  • Pearl earrings 

Pearl earrings are a classic piece you can rock in any season. However, they look amazing during the winter because of their snow-like appearance. For a Christmas dinner party, you can wear dangling pearls instead of stud earrings to enhance your facial features and give you a bright glow. You can wear stud earrings on any occasion, giving a sophisticated look to a plain style. 

  • Cuff bracelets 

Cuff bracelets are essential for your winter wardrobe. This jewelry piece can make a chic statement and comes in different shapes. A gold cuff will look good on you if your skin has warm undertones, while rough-cut and irregular stones like diamonds give a creative and bold effect and are the perfect jewelry for Christmas. You can try two cuff bracelets on your oversized sweater for a fashionable look.

Styling your winter outfits with jewelry can be an afterthought. You are covered in scarves and coats, so accessorizing with jewelry might come off as too much. However, you can pull off your best looks this season with the right pieces. 


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