5 Perks of Golf Community Living

Is golf or the outdoors a big part of your life? Settling down in a golfing community might be the best decision you ever make. There are a lot of choices, and several extra accommodations to consider.

1. Privacy

Scottsdale communities offers privacy that separates it from public golf courses. This also aligns with the community’s own privacy policy to reinforce the ‘members only’ feel. You’ll find this type of thinking throughout similar communities that have a strong focus on golf. No one should have to deal with the downsides of a public golf course, or the unpredictability. From sun up to sun down, the course is yours to command without any interruptions.

2. Golf When You Want

Depending on the community, night golfing is a normal thing. This is a big departure from having to end a game early due to the time. Lights are maintained, and the course can be seen from your patio. That means you can enjoy golfing as an individual, or watch neighbors golf from the comfort of your own home. A lot of legendary games have taken place long into the night! Despite the closeness of it all, noise issues are never a problem that will affect your living conditions.


Being near something you love is completely different than watching it on television. The views at a golfing community are the real deal, and you get to experience it in real time. Location matters, so being surrounded by beauty is just as important as the landscaping. And if you live on a particularly notable course, don’t be surprised when professionals show up to test out a few holes. Prime views will always be the main perk of golf community living.

4. Landscaping

The average golf course has about 160 acres available to players. A single unkept acre adds up, with too many becoming a logistical nightmare. Golf courses have been forced to close after their landscaping couldn’t keep up with the demand of the courts. Not only is this frustrating, but it destroys the advantage of having a golf course nearby. This isn’t an issue with golf community living since the landscape is the top priority. Even when a natural disaster takes place, these communities have their courses back up and running faster than public or members only golf courses.

5. Amenities

Special amenities are available to homeowners in the community. This includes course memberships, access to a club house and even other sports in the area. A couple that loves both tennis and golf will be able to satisfy both of their hobbies in the same area. And if you have children that love basketball, look for a golf community that has a court. Golf is the main draw, but the amenities extend it far beyond what most would expect.

A Big Event

Surrounding yourself with a compatible community is an easy way to make life fun. An avid golfer should have the benefit of sprawling green vistas in their backyard. There is a ton of upside, so make golf community living one of your top priorities.

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