When it comes to organizing a home office, space is often at a premium. While you may have the luxury of a completely dedicated home office, many people have to use a space that can do double or even triple duty as a guest room, exercise room or craft or hobby room. Whether you have a dedicated home office or makeshift one, keeping things neat, tidy and organized can help you work more efficiently. Whatever the size or makeup of your home office, here are 5 great tips on keeping it organized.

1. Allot the largest amount of space to what you use the space most for
If you work on a desktop computer, you may need a larger desk space than if you use a laptop. If you do less computer work in your office and more crafting or creative work, designate the largest amount of space for furniture and equipment you use the space most for. Wardrobes and armoires are great ways to transform an office into a bedroom and vice-versa.

2. If you get something new, get rid of something old
Whether it’s a new printer, new office supplies or a new piece of furniture, whenever you get something new, immediately get rid of something old. You can donate furniture and equipment that still has some life in it to a charity or list it on a local free-cycle page. Clutter can build up, but if you get in the habit of always disposing of something old when you get something new, you can keep it in check.

3. Use every surface and space
While desktop organizers can help you keep your desktop neat and tidy, your desk is not the only place to store office supplies and other needed items. You can transform an entire wall into a giant cork board to pin notes, ideas and even inspirational photos. Bookshelves can also be outfitted with bins and baskets to hold more than just books.

4. Take a few minutes every day to tidy up
Taking as little as 10 minutes each day when you finish your daily tasks to tidy, neaten, organize and straighten up can help keep your office in tip-top condition. While you may be able to function just fine with a certain amount of disorder or disarray, things can quickly move from tolerable to distracting. When your surroundings become too chaotic, it can have a detrimental effect on your focus.

5. Repurpose the closet
If you’re transforming a spare bedroom into an office, you can create a desk space complete with ample overhead storage out of the closet. Even if you don’t use the closet as desk space, you can remove the closet fixtures and place bookshelves in the space to create a better organizational area for an office.

When it comes to organizing a home office, using some out-of-the-box thinking and creativity can help you create a great space in which to work and to play. This is particularly important if you need your office space to double as something else.

5 Tips on Organizing Your Office Space

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  1. I don’t have a desk for getting things done. I have boxes on the floor and sit on the floor. I would like to get a desk and I’m thinking it would help me get done some things that I keep finding excuses. I love being organized. Tight budget, ideas for a home office on a tight budget would be nice.

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