Little Girl in Fairy Princess Outfit - 5 Toddler Birthday Party Ideas

5 Toddler Birthday Party Ideas

Your little one has a birthday coming up, and it’s time to get planning! You are in that fun stage where your toddler is excited for their birthday, but you still have a lot of say when it comes to theme, food, games and activities for the celebration.

If you’re looking for some party idea inspiration, take a look at our 5 favorite birthday party ideas for your toddler!

1.Teddy Bears Picnic

Teddy Bear Picnic - 5 Toddler Birthday Party Ideas
Source: Where The Green Grass Grows Designs

Does your child have a particular teddy bear or stuffed animal that they love? Consider making them a part of the festivities by hosting a teddy bear picnic! In the party invitation, include a request for everyone to bring their favorite stuffed animal to the party. Have party hats for all of the children, as well as their fuzzy friends. There are plenty of fun bear themed food ideas, from teddy bear cupcakes to pieces of toast arranged to look like a bears face, and even teddy bear pizza bites. This is the perfect party idea for any stuffed animal loving child.

2. Princess Tea Party

Princess Tea Party - 5 Toddler Birthday Party Ideas
Source: Kara’s Party Ideas

If your little one is a lover of all things royal and fancy, a princess tea party could be just the thing to make their birthday unforgettable. Encourage princess dress up with your child’s guests to get everyone in the spirit of the party-high heels, white gloves and all! Consider what kind of “tea” you want to serve-apple and grape juice are great options! You can also find plenty of fun, kid friendly tea sandwiches to make. Some princess crowns or tea cups and saucers would make fun party favors.

3. Western Theme Party

Western Theme Party - 5 Toddler Birthday Party Ideas
Source: Pinterest

For your little aspiring cowboy or cowgirl, a western themed birthday party could be a perfect fit. Get everyone excited for make believe wild west play among the children by inviting everyone to come dressed as a cowboy or cowgirl (have some red bandanas on hand to give to the kiddos that may forget to dress up!) You could make everyone their own stick pony, and set up a blanket on the floor or outside and have the kids eat their lunch served in pie tins. Have them pan for gold and bob for apples, or set up a ring toss game.

4. Spa Day

Spa Day - 5 Toddler Birthday Party Ideas
Source: Pinterest

Pamper your little one and all of her friends with a toddler friendly spa day party! Get some older siblings or local babysitters to come and help you with painting nails, making edible face masks, applying blush and lip gloss, soaking feet in lavender scented water, and serving yummy snacks. Don’t forget the sliced cucumbers! Send everyone home with their own sleep mask and bottle of nail polish.

5. Out of This World Galaxy Themed Party

Out of This World Galaxy Themed Party - 5 Toddler Birthday Party Ideas
Source: Mommy of a Princess

Does your little girl dream of being a jedi? Throw her a Star Wars themed party! Deck her out in an awesome Star Wars outfit and make some lightsabers for the party guests. There are lots of ideas for Star Wars games to include at the party. See what kind of Star Wars prints or designs are available at your grocery store to put on a cake or cupcakes.

Bonus Idea: Prehistoric Dinosaur Themed Party

Is your little boy obsessed with dinosaurs? Throw a prehistoric themed party! Better yet, make it fancy dress! There’s not much cuter than watching little kids roam around, roaring like a T-Rex, in their toddler dinosaur onesies or costumes. There are loads of ideas to make the party fun, from dinosaur digs and egg hunts, to pin the head on the dinosaur, cave painting, and many more.

Shake Up The Traditional Toddler Party

Whatever you decide to do for your toddlers upcoming birthday party, consider what it is they love the very most. This is a party that’s all about them, and creating a focus on what is most important or special to them will make it so memorable and enjoyable for them. Happy planning!

5 Toddler Birthday Party Ideas

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