5 Tools Every Locksmith Should Have Locksmith working on a door

Any good locksmith has plenty of tools in his arsenal. It’s difficult to tell what exactly awaits you at your next job: just how jammed into the lock is that broken key? Perhaps one of your trusty old lockpicks will finally break, let’s hope you’ve brought a spare! 

Many crucial tools (such as lockpicks) are relatively inexpensive. This means that you can comfortably carry around a handful with you, and face each job with the confidence that you have the tool to fix it. 

5 Tools Every Locksmith Should Have

1. Key Decoder and Depth Gage

For many locksmiths, a key decoder is a necessity. It makes rekeying much simpler, and is an essential key for any specialist. 

You can pick up an Ace Key Decoder and Depth gage for less than $10. This particular model is aimed at decoding HPC picks and tubular keys. A selection of varied depth gages can make rekeying a quick and simple job, rather than using trial and error to figure out which pins to use. 

2. Plug Spinner Tool 

One job that any locksmith can expect to crop up over and over again is that of picking locks. Locking ourselves out of our cars and houses is something that happens more frequently than we’d like to admit. 

So, the locksmith needs to be armed with decent lock-picking tools. Fortunately, tools like the A-1 Cylinder Plug Spinner don’t need to break the bank. Using a coil spring to loosen the lock, they’re sturdier than some of the slimmer lock-picking tools, meaning you won’t need to stock up in preparation for breakages. 

3. Eye Loop Set

For delicate, close-up work, you’ll need a set of magnifying glasses. Of course, you likely won’t have your hands free to handle something like that. Many locksmiths invest in eye loops. 

These allow you to magnify your work while leaving your hands free. Even better, you can get a set of 5 eye loops, each one a different magnification, for around $13 dollars. Unlike some delicate lockpicking tools, these eye loops should last for a good while, maybe even many years. 

4. Clip Removal Tool 

This is a simple, lightweight piece of kit that no locksmith’s tool bag should be without. Used primarily to remove C type rings, this tool won’t take up much space in your bag, but you never know when you’ll need it. 

Clip removal tools tend to be very reasonably priced. It’s something you can, and should, add to your list useful tools for locksmiths

5. Graphite Gun for Lubrication 

Sometimes, all the lock needs is a little grease to smooth the way. Carrying a graphite gun for lubrication around in your tool bag can help ease many a stiff lock. More importantly, this will make your job a lot easier! 

This isn’t just a tool you’d use at work, either. A lubrication gun can help with stiff locks and hinges around the home, too. 

In conclusion, you can buy most or all of these tools at very reasonable prices. To do the best job you can, you need the right tools. 


5 Tools Every Locksmith Should Have

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