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5 Unexpected Surprises When You Do A Loft Conversion

Are you considering a loft conversion? The space underneath the room area is commonly left unused even though there would be sufficient square footage to create a brand new room. A professional loft conversion can give you a new area, whether you turn it into a bedroom, a home office, or even an indoor gym studio. However, converting the loft can expose you to unpleasant surprises. So, it’s best to be prepared to tackle unwanted guests and repair needs. 

Woman walking in a large loft with lots of light and minimal furnishings


Welcome to the spider kingdom

House spiders love an undisturbed area where there’s abundant food and sufficient moisture. The under-roof area is a spider paradise, offering plenty of bug passage for them to feed on and just enough moisture levels. So, you may find not one or two spiders but an entire colony when you first start your loft projects. Here’s a tip for you: You can’t rely on store-bought spider sprays to fend them off. These sprays are not efficient against large numbers. Besides, they can affect the air quality in your home as they are high in unhealthy toxins. Instead, it is wise to organize professional spider control services to remove the unwanted arachnids smoothly, rapidly, and safely. 

Mickey Mouse and his family 

Mice are hardy creatures that can survive in all types of environments. So why would they pick your loft of all places? It’s easy. The loft provides them with shelter and easy access to your food storage once they chew their way into your walls. Additionally, the loft is a safe area, away from predators. So, it’s no wonder mice choose to move into uninhabited lofts. 

You may notice their presence through odd noises above the ceiling and inside the walls. If you’ve put these down to old plumbing, you are up for an unpleasant surprise once you start renovating the loft! Here again, you want to trust an expert with rodent removal to ensure it is pets- and children-safe. 

Why is it so wet?

You may not realize that you’ve got a leak in your roof until you get into the loft. Minor leaks may not go through the loft floor, so they never reach the rest of the house. However, if the loft feels moist and if you spot wet patches, you should consider planning for roof inspection. Professional roofers can rapidly spot problems and get them fixed and Loft Conversion London are experts in this.

5 Unexpected Surprises When You Do A Loft Conversion / House torn apart during reconstruction


Is it Antarctica? 

Your loft is not fitted with a heating system, so the temperature may be lower than in the rest of the house. If the season is summer, replace heating system with an A/C unit and brace yourself for heat. Inadequate insulation under the roof can lead to significant temperature variations, causing discomfort and high electricity costs. 

Eww musty

The combination of dampness and dirt might have increased the likelihood of mold spores. The problem with mold spores is that they tend to be unnoticeable unless you figure out where mold patches are. So if your loft lacks proper insulation, chances are you’ve got some mold growing there. Arm yourself with proper, long-term solutions for mold. It is likely to require chemical products and strategic monitoring of your air quality and moisture levels. 

Every loft conversion project is a unique adventure that opens the door to many possibilities. Don’t let yourself be disheartened by some obstacles on the way! The sooner you can resolve them, the quicker you can create your dream loft! 


2 thoughts on “5 Unexpected Surprises When You Do A Loft Conversion

  • Oh my, they are so annoying. When we lived in the country, there would always be one or a couple that would make their way in during the winter. I hate them in the house so much.

  • I haven’t ever added on to my house before. It seems like when you do, your kinda opening a can of worms because you never know what you will find. But adding a loft can add necessary square footage. If your hvac system is In the attic, a professional could easily tap into your current duct work so that the space is heated and cooled.


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