6 Ways of Incorporating Healthy Activities in Your Life

Most people live busy lives and often consider improving their health an afterthought, and understandably so. Having so much to keep up with can be distracting. However, the key to a healthy life is maintaining moderate levels of physical activity throughout the week.

According to research, to maintain one’s health, you should aim for 150 minutes of moderate physical activity every week.

An active lifestyle reduces the risk of the early onset of many chronic illnesses and improves your cognitive function. However, it can be challenging to incorporate activities to keep you active throughout the day. It can be something other than a set of complex exercises or a strict workout routine that ensures you’re taking care of your health. It can be something as simple as a walk or ensuring you get 7 hours of sleep every night.

Here are some ways of incorporation healthy activities in your life without having to change your routine too much.

1- Stretch every morning

Stretching is not only a great way to warm up before a workout, but incorporating 5 to 10 minutes of stretching every morning can increase your flexibility and aid in overall mobility in daily tasks. It reduces the risk of injury and decreases pain that can come with muscle tightness. A daily stretching routine will ensure you’re keeping your body agile and your joints well-oiled in case you take on tough physical endeavors in the future. Plus, it allows you to relax your muscles to prepare for the day ahead.

2- Remember to take breaks

Albert Einstein is known as one of the greatest minds of the 20th century. He was a strong advocate for resting throughout the day. While working 10 hours a day, he ensured that the rest was spent only having fun and taking some downtime. He took time out for his hobbies just as he did for work.

Furthermore, if you’re a student, then college can be stressful. Not taking out time for yourself adds to the stress and is detrimental to your mental health. While places like can help you manage your mental health, taking frequent breaks within the day can also ensure you’re honoring your mind and body by caring for them.

To have a well-rounded life, you must take frequent breaks after bouts of productivity. If you’ve completed one task from your list, take a walk, stretch, have a snack, or take a power nap. Keep the blood flowing. Add entertainment to your life by honing your skills outside of work by taking breaks. Did you want to try playing an instrument? Take time to learn that. Do you like sleeping, and do you feel rested after it? Take more frequent naps. The key to productivity is having a mind and body that is well-rested.

3- Set reminders for drinking water

Health experts recommend drinking at least half your body weight in lbs. daily. Staying hydrated keeps you alert, ensures all your body systems are well-regulated, and even reduces your hunger cravings. As an additional benefit, according to this dentist who does the best dental implants in New York, it’s also good for your dental health as it neutralizes the pH level in your mouth – lessening the time that your teeth are exposed to acid.

Of course, remembering to drink water while having a busy schedule can take time and effort. There are multiple apps available on both IOS and Android that send reminders to drink water throughout the day. The only thing you must remember is to ensure a big bottle of water near your workstation and let your phone do the rest. Having a bottle with you is especially important when running errands or working outside the home.

Set up your workstation near the water dispenser. If at home, add fresh fruit or lemon to your water to motivate you to drink water throughout the day.

4- Add movement while you work

Are you working at your desk and have been sitting in the same chair for hours? Create a standing desk by stacking a few books or finding a higher table at home or your workplace. Switch it up.

If you can, invest in an under-desk treadmill so you can add movement especially if you have a highly demanding job and need to be at your desk for hours. You don’t necessarily have to complete all 10,000 steps in the day, even though it is a growing trend on the internet. Walking 5k to 6k steps in the day does the job as well. Remember, staying active means allowing movement at convenient times.

Plus, if your workplace is closer to you, leave the car at home and take a walk to your workplace. Having that 5-10 minute walk can refresh the mind, help you keep active, and getting some sun everyday can be a great source of vitamin D.

5- Schedule your sleep

Every person has a different sleep schedule where a certain number of hours ensures they’ve had a restful sleep. Lack of proper sleep can lead to struggling with work,      chores, and studying. You will feel an overall lack of motivation and lethargy throughout the day.

Interestingly, having an active lifestyle can improve your overall sleep schedule. Some people might even wake up fresh in the morning without needing an alarm!

However, letting sports, work, or the internet become a distraction before bed can interfere with your sleep time and the hours you sleep. Create a habit of shutting down electronics at least an hour before bed.

Try calming the mind through meditation and aromatherapy if you have difficulty falling asleep.      Create regular routines for going to bed, so you can sleep early and wake up early.

6- Take out time to play

Each day takes out at least 30 minutes where you either play with your kids, dance around or plan a family activity. The activities don’t need to be well planned. It can be something as simple as playing hopscotch with your kids or going for a run with someone. You can always explore ways to move, maybe a weekend hike or a beach trip.

You can even track your family or friends’ activities, create an activity tracker and make the whole experience competitive so everyone is extra motivated.

The idea is to take time out from your day to get in some physical activity and nurture your relationships. A healthy body is not just how you appear physically but your mental health too.

The Takeaway

Incorporating healthy activities in your life is not directly related to spending hours and hours in the gym, but rather seeing how you can adjust by adding activities of any kind into your routine. Plus, your overall health is not limited to how you feel physically; having a strong mind to deal with stress also contributes to it.

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