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7 Ideas to Spruce Up an Old Home

Once you’re done settling into your new home, it’s time to realize all the plans you had to make it feel like yours. While you hope that your home doesn’t require too much TLC, you might have purchased a fixer-upper because you want to stamp your mark on the property. This is especially true for older homes that require some care and attention. But, before you tear up the carpets, there are a few things you can do to spruce up an old home. 

7 Ideas to Spruce Up an Old Home

Focus On the Main Rooms 

Considering you spend the most time in your living room, kitchen, and bedroom, these are the three spaces you should focus on before anything else. There are many ways you can spruce up these rooms, such as purchasing blankets, cushions, and rugs for your living room cozier. Likewise, better lighting in the bathroom is ideal for when you’re getting ready. A Lighted Mirror from Clearlight Designs will be a huge improvement, while blackout blinds can transform your bedroom into the perfect place to sleep through the night. It’s tempting to try to fix everything immediately, but you’ll be less stressed if you focus on the main rooms first. 

Replace Doors and Hardware 

Sometimes, all a house needs for a facelift is a small improvement heeler and there. If you’ve moved into an old home, the doors and hardware might be old, worn down, and show significant signs of wear and tear. Doors and hardware are much easier to replace than other features, and you can choose styles to match the vibe you want to bring to the home. Brushed copper or brass are ideal for a traditional style, whereas chrome fittings and white doors will bring a modern aura to your house. 

A Fresh Coat Of Paint 

Similarly, a new coat of paint is enough to brighten up any room or at least give it a fresh start. Yellows are perfect for the kitchen, especially if it faces the sunrise, whereas researching bathroom paint color ideas can help you find a relaxing shade that promotes luxury and calmness. You can paint as many walls as you like, yet many homeowners prefer to paint just one wall to add character to a room. You can always paint over it later on. 

Rearrange the Furniture 

The beauty of living somewhere for a long time and having a space that’s assuredly yours is that you can do anything with it. If you feel like your home has looked the same for a long time, check out these ideas for living room arrangements to give it a new and more appealing look. Rearranging the furniture means you can make the most of what you have and even make your living room more comfortable, especially if your kids have grown up and don’t need as much space to play. 

Better Storage Solutions 

Every household accumulates clutter no matter how hard they try to avoid it. But, too much clutter can make your home feel chaotic. Because of this, you can never relax. There’s always something to tidy or clean. You don’t want to invite people over because the house is a mess. Finding solutions to this clutter, whether donating items or self-storage, can make a huge difference. You can also explore functional storage options for the home, such as sofas or beds with built-in storage. 

Find a Signature Piece 

Key pieces are vital for any home. These might be expensive ornaments handed down through generations. It could be artwork or photographs you’re proud of, or even a hidden gem discovered at an antique store you simply couldn’t walk away from. Whatever it is, they can add character to your home and even give it a fun conversation piece. Since your home should reflect who you and your family are, you want to fill it with fun things that represent your personality or show off elements of your history, and a signature piece is perfect for achieving that. 

Make the Entranceway Welcoming 

Your home’s entranceway is a great way to immediately bring positive vibes and give it a facelift. You can achieve this by keeping it tidy, but also ensuring it’s bright and functional. A warm overhead light won’t be too harsh on the eyes when you get home, while shoe racks and coat hangers give you and guests somewhere to put essentials until it’s time to leave. 

Spruced Up 

Sprucing up your new home can make you feel it’s yours much sooner. Furthermore, you might realize that you don’t need expensive renovations. Instead, you can make do with your home for now, and maybe come back to substantial home improvements in a few years.

11 thoughts on “7 Ideas to Spruce Up an Old Home

  • Thank you for sharing this

  • I love old homes as they have so much more character but they do always need work! It’s worth it though.

  • Yes correct! Sprucing up your existing home need not cost a lot of money. As long as we can do it well, we can make the living space a much better one without burning a hole in our pockets!

  • These are the exact things my parents did when they bought an old property several years ago! I remember how my mom re-modelled that old home beautifully on a budget.

  • Great tips for sprucing up an old home! I appreciate the focus on main rooms, replacing doors/hardware, and the suggestion of a signature piece for personalization. It’s practical advice for making a house feel like a cozy, welcoming home. Thanks for sharing!

  • It can be tough to keep up with updates especially when homes are old. These are great ideas to get started on making changes but staying on a budget.

  • I’m still wanting to paint the interior of my house. Unfortunately, I haven’t had the funds to do it yet. One day I’ll get it done.

  • i am now inspired to find a signature piece for my home… i do try to rearrange furniture whenever i can (within the limits of plan and space!)

  • I love modern but cozy homes! These tips can improve a lot a house and give it a a new look!

  • Yep, renovations don’t have to be expensive. We spruced up our home during the pandemic and loved the results.

  • We’ve been working on small projects all year. Minor updates can make a huge difference!


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