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7 Quick Renovations To Make You Fall in Love With Your Home Again

Home is where the heart is, and it can be hard to feel that way if you don’t love your place. Yet, every homeowner has those days where they wish their home looked different. Maybe it’s the paint or the furniture- anything at all! If you are going through one of these moments, then this blog post is for you.

These are seven quick renovations that will make your house feel new again and give you a reason to love it.

Upgrade the Front Door Area

Upgrading the front door area can improve curb appeal and make a home feel more welcoming. The most popular option is to use an exterior paint color that matches the rest of the house or tone it down with neutral colors such as white, beige, gray or taupe. Installing new windows in this space also helps make it look bigger and brighter on both sides when they’re clean and free from dirt. You may want to add a landscaping element like plants or flowers for added style and personality. Some homeowners will go so far as to add lighting fixtures for nighttime ambiance!

Adding a planter to the front doorstep is another idea and one that doesn’t require any construction. You’ll want something with flowers or vegetables so it will look lovely in photos when friends come over for dinner! If you like this idea but don’t have room on your porch because of stairs, consider adding a set of steps leading up from the street level. It’s also essential to make sure all these improvements are compatible with current building codes for safety reasons.

Change the Doors and Windows

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The first thing that will make your house feel new again is changing the doors and windows. If you have a front or back door with glass panels, replace them with solid wood to keep heat during the winter months. Using a modern door style for the patio or to your balcony, like the sliding patio door, will give the home a new and improved feel. 

Keep an eye out for worn window seals around sills and casings. You can replace them easily by contacting a professional who does this kind of work regularly, such as an HVAC technician or general contractor.

Adding a few new sliding and casement windows will help your home stay more relaxed in the summer. If you have ugly aluminum storm doors, replace them with ones made of glass or wood – they’ll keep out the wind and rain while letting light shine through. To save on energy costs, install insulated shutters for any window that won’t be used often, such as those in an attic bedroom where there is no need for natural light during the day.


Trim, Prune or Plant Those Trees

Trimming trees sounds like a lot of work, but they will grow out of control and become an overgrown mess if you don’t prune them regularly. So get up in that tree and cut back those branches so you can see your house again!

A great way to breathe life into your space and give it some personality is by planting flowers or herbs on either side of the front door. Be sure not to plant anything with thorns so that you do not risk injuries within your home. 

Install Low-Maintenance Landscaping

Low maintenance landscaping will make your life so much easier. A garden that requires no watering, weeding, or fertilizing may be just the thing for you! It is necessary to install plants and flowers that require less attention from you. Nowadays, many varieties of plants are available with different needs such as water frequency, fertilizer needed, and others. 

An example would be lavender which does not need much water because they grow in dry soils; this makes them perfect for people who don’t like to spend hours in their green space every week. In addition, low maintenance landscaping requires little time and effort on behalf of homeowners, so it is an excellent option for those who feel they don’t have time to maintain their yard.

Update the Lighting Fixtures

You can update the lighting fixtures by purchasing a fresh set of bulbs or swapping out the old ones with new, more modern, and updated versions. It makes all the difference to have pure light throughout your home that brightens up every corner!

If you’re not sure where lights should go, consult an electrician who will suggest which lamps need replacing or which parts may need some updating for safety reasons. They’ll also provide information about how much it might cost to do so and what other changes they would recommend making to create a better overall look within each room.

Hang Some Art

Pick a favorite painting, photograph, or something you’ve drawn yourself, and hang it on the wall where you spend most of your time. It will make you happy every day. If there are no walls to hang things on in your home, pick an area with enough space that doesn’t have furniture blocking it from view and ensure all artwork is secure but not too heavy for the frame itself.  

Gently remove any tape backing and press firmly into place. Frames should be securely attached to the wall without damaging them as much as possible because they could fall off at any time, which would ruin everything. 

Give the Cabinets All Over the House an Upgrade

One easy way to upgrade even the smallest kitchen space is by replacing old cabinet doors with more streamlined and trendier ones. It might seem tedious at first, but this change will give any room an instant facelift without requiring any major work outside of painting them if needed.

The next step is to add some new appliances. It might seem like a big undertaking, but it’s way easier than you think! The most expensive kitchen update will cost less than $150 and take only an hour or two at the most. It all starts with buying updated hardware for cabinet doors (you can get them in many different colors), which will give your kitchen a fresh start before anything else.

After that, replace any old looking drawers and pullouts with ones featuring modern handles and hinges while also updating dishwasher door panels, so they’re more streamlined. Next up are replacing outdated oven racks with one of today’s standard sizes from IKEA, adding shelving strips on walls near countertops for easy storage access, and adding new garbage disposal.

An essential part of any home renovation is to make sure that you love the project before you finish it – if not, no amount of work will be worth it! You can start by doing all these updates in your kitchen (or whichever room needs some help) then moving on to an area where you’re less likely to spend as much time.


Nostalgia is a powerful emotion. When you realize that your home no longer feels like the place where you can be yourself, it’s time to do something about it. Renovation projects don’t have to cost thousands of dollars or take months on end; just some simple changes can make all the difference in how welcoming and cozy your house becomes!


7 Quick Renovations To Make You Fall in Love With Your Home Again

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  1. These are all great ideas. We are going to get rid of the carpeting in our house this winter.

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