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7 Tips to Protect Your Home from Summer Weather

Winter is harsh on your home’s health. But hotter seasons also come with their own set of issues. So here are some tips to help protect your home from summer weather.

Get Daily Weather Reports

No amount of preparation against adverse weather helps when you don’t know when to take action. For instance, if you don’t check your drains, they can become clogged, causing flooding. And your roof might collapse in on itself. Fortunately, paying attention to news reports means you may not need to call an emergency flood service. Today, the internet allows for quick access to current weather reports. In addition, you can get notifications about impending dangers from apps like WeatherBug. So you can prepare for a storm by staying informed ahead of its arrival.

Protect Your Home with Surge Protection

Lighting strikes occur mainly in July and August. Additionally, lightning poses a severe threat. And although there is a slight chance that electricity will harm your home, it can still happen. Electronic equipment, particularly your TV and computer, is susceptible to damage. Yet you can safeguard them by disconnecting what you can. However, some devices, like your refrigerator, cannot be turned off. Therefore, surge protectors can be helpful. Surge protectors, which are specially designed socket extensions, offer adequate protection against voltage spikes.

Check the Gutters Before and After Storms

A wide range of problems will result from poor gutters. Leaks and clogs can develop into more severe issues that spread throughout your house. Debris and leaves that accumulate after a storm prevent rainwater from draining correctly. Your home’s safety will be further jeopardized by foundation and roof damage brought on by a blocked gutter. Fortunately, maintaining gutters is simple. Before a storm, ensure they are clear of debris to allow for proper drainage. Once it is safe to do so following a storm, clear any clogs and seal any holes with sealant.

Check the Roof for Problems

A damaged roof is one of the worst things that can happen to your house. And the weather enjoys hurling everything it can at it. Thankfully, your roof is built to withstand severe weather. However, years of storms can leave their mark, so keep an eye out for these problems:

  • A collection of granules.
  • Leaking or clogged gutters.
  • Damaged to or missing roofing shingles.
  • Water damage to your interior walls and ceilings.
  • Hail damage following a summer storm.

Your roof may start to leak if it sustains damage. A leaking roof brings all kinds of damage, including wood rot, mold, and potential electrical damage. Additionally, gaps and cracks will let your warm air escape while allowing cold air to enter, increasing energy bills in winter.

Don’t Leave Loose Furniture Outside

Many regions of the world experience severe wind problems. And storms seem to be appearing more frequently and strengthening at the same time. Undoubtedly, this could be impacted by the effects of climate change. Wind, however, can pose a severe threat to your house, regardless of the cause. The wind itself causes structural damage. But it also lifts and throws things at your home too. Any loose items that can’t be brought inside should be secured. It’s a good idea. For example, outdoor dining tables can be relocated to a secure area or covered with tarps.

A Storm Door Can Help Protect Your Home

Storm doors are another option for exterior doors that provide added security and versatility besides shutters. Additionally, they enable more ventilation and light. But more importantly, they guard your home against the damaging effects of the summer weather. Your house can be damaged by wind, hail, and rain. Furthermore, you need all the assistance you can get to avoid damage or file a claim, given the roughly 4.5% increase in insurance costs. But a storm door may also come with strong locks that are difficult to open, adding an additional layer of security.

Fill in the Cracks in Your Walls

Once you’ve been in your home for a while, you might feel chilly in some places. This is due to the possibility of wall cracks, allowing bad weather inside. Therefore, you might require a filling if it remains cold despite your efforts. Summer is an excellent time to fill wall cracks since your heating bills will go up in the winter. And your health could be in danger by compromised walls. For instance, supporting walls may come crashing down. Or cracks might increase in size as they contract and expand from heating and cooling.


You can protect your home from summer weather with a proactive approach.

This includes checking the weather, looking after the drainage, and securing loose furniture.


17 thoughts on “7 Tips to Protect Your Home from Summer Weather

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  • We are trying to be better about weatherproofing. It is important to protect your home and things like patio furniture.


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