7 Top Tips to Ensure Your Car is Running Efficiently

Keeping your car running efficiently will not only save you money on repairs, but it will also help you to save gas. Unfortunately, not everyone knows the steps to take to keep their car running as it should. Taking these steps will help you to avoid problems with your car so it is more reliable and less costly to maintain.

Why Is Routine Maintenance So Important?

A car that is not properly maintained is not going to last as long and will require more repairs. Companies like Telle Tire & Auto Center provide maintenance services for car owners who want to be sure their car is safe and reliable.

Without proper maintenance, wear and tear will occur quickly, reducing the performance and gas mileage. As wear and tear continue, it can eventually lead to engine failure. Knowing the top tips for keeping your car running efficiently is essential.

7 Helpful Tips for Keeping Your Car Running Efficiently

There are a few steps you can take to make sure your car is operating as efficiently as possible. Taking these steps will help to protect your investment and reduce your repair costs.

  1. One of the most important steps you can take for maintenance is to change your fluids on a regular basis. It is especially important you pay attention to your oil and replace it as often as recommended. The oil is the lifeblood of your car and needs to be the right consistency for protection.
  2. Many people do not realize the importance of keeping their tires at the correct pressure. Tires that are not full of enough air will cause increased gas usage and improper steering which could be dangerous. Check your tire pressure at least once a month.
  3. You should also change your filters on a regular basis. The air filter gets dirty over time and can prevent the normal flow of air through your engine. A dirty filter can cause problems with your car’s performance.
  4. Brake pads are also an important consideration when it comes to maintaining your car. Brake pads can last between 30,000 and 70,000 miles, depending on the type of traffic you normally drive in. Worn brake pads will begin to exhibit a squealing or scrubbing sound.
  5. Routine tune-ups can keep your car running smoother and more efficiently. A trained technician can carefully inspect the main components of your car, including the plugs, wires, and hoses.
  6. Checking your battery is also an important task in car maintenance. Over time, the cables can loosen and corrosion can build up on the terminals. Tightening the cables and cleaning the terminals will keep your battery operating properly.
  7. The belts of your car need to be replaced when they become worn. Without a properly working belt, your car will overheat and leave you stranded.
Signs Your Car Needs Maintenance

Being able to recognize the signs your car needs a checkup is important. When these signs are ignored, further problems can begin to develop and these could lead to increased expense and even permanent damage. The following are some of the signs you should notice.

  • Any warning lights that are appearing on the dashboard should not be ignored. These lights illuminate for a reason and are there to warn drivers of problems with their car. The light could mean something simple is wrong or it could be alerting you of a major repair issue. An auto technician can scan your car’s computer to determine the reason for the light.
  • Unexplained noises can begin occurring when your car needs maintenance. Strange noises could mean low power steering fluid, a worn belt, or worn brake pads. Never ignore your car when odd noises are occurring.
  • If you are noticing your car is going through a tank of gas much faster than normal, a tune-up may be necessary. The braking system or tire pressure could also be to blame. It is wise for you to seek a full inspection to find the source of the gas guzzling.
  • A loss of power can be indicative of the need for a tune-up. When trying to accelerate, you may notice your car does not respond as quickly and seems overly sluggish. This could mean a few different things, including the need for new spark plugs or a change of fuel filter.
  • Vibrations during driving are another sign of problems that need to be addressed by a professional. Improper alignment, uneven tire wear, or engine problems could cause vibrations. Continuing to operate your car under these circumstances could lead to major damages.

The above are signs that should prompt you to seek a tune-up or repairs. To keep your car running at its prime, it is best to seek a tune-up before issues begin arising. For most older cars, tune-ups are needed every 12,000 miles. New vehicles may only need a tune-up every 25,000 miles.

Maintenance Keeps Your Car Running as It Should

Purchasing a car is a big investment. Protecting your car against wear and tear protects your investment and prevents you from spending needlessly on repairs

Vehicle maintenance is an essential part of car ownership. Without proper maintenance, the lifespan of your car is going to be greatly limited.


It does not take a lot of work to maintain your car properly and keep it running efficiently. When in doubt, take your car into a mechanic for a tune-up and maintenance work. A full tune-up addresses the components of your vehicle that are prone to wear and tear.

The tune-up checks your plugs and cleans or replaces them. The technician will also replace your filters, PVC valve, oxygen sensors, and spark plug wires. As a part of the scheduled maintenance appointment, the safety of your car will also be checked. If repair issues are found, having them taken care of as soon as possible will help to prolong the life of your car and keep it running at its best performance level.




7 Top Tips to Ensure Your Car is Running Efficiently

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