9 Summer Repair Jobs to Prepare for Winter

You need to maintain your home all year round, and it can feel like it never ends. So there’s always something to do. However, some jobs are better done when the weather improves, or services are more readily available.

Here are some summer repair jobs to prepare for winter.

Roofing and Guttering

Probably the most essential part of your home is the roof. Your roof protects you from all manner of terrible consequences. These include weather protection, rain run-off, and the cold. Therefore, you need to maintain your roofing. Summer is the best time to have your roofing checked by a professional since they are typically less busy with non-emergency jobs before it gets cold. Companies like Dwight’s Roofing are among some of the most trusted roofers and will consistently deliver exceptional service. Book a job to fix things now, before the winter rush.

Include Insulation in Summer Repair Jobs

You’re hardly thinking about making your home warmer in Summer. But it’s probably the best time to book an insulation inspection and installation while business is slower. When winter comes, insulation companies will undoubtedly be busier. Additionally, the weather is more favorable. So there will likely be fewer interruptions to any work that needs to be carried out. Global energy prices are also expected to rise by 30% yet again before the end of the year. So you can help save some money then, by insulating against the cold coming in winter now.

Your Driveway or Yard

Perhaps not a necessity or as crucial as some other parts of your home. But the driveway can become damaged both in summer and winter. However, a summer inspection or repair is generally easier because nothing is getting in the way, like snow, ice, or adverse weather. Check your driveway for early signs of damage such as cracks, potholes, and drainage problems. If you leave these too long, they will worsen, costing more in the end. However, you can catch most issues with an early repair job, so they don’t get worse in the cold.

Boiler Servicing

Boiler repair is perhaps the busiest aspect of winter home maintenance. But you can prevent most issues by getting a boiler service. However, if you leave a boiler service until winter, you will likely wait far longer. Unsurprisingly, boiler contractors are far less busy in summer since boilers are used much less when it’s hotter. Additionally, they can spot problems early on and either repair them or install new parts. So be sure to book an appointment in the summer. Otherwise, you could go days or weeks in winter with no running hot water.

Odd Jobs Around the Home

You’re probably no stranger to odd jobs as a homeowner or renter. It can feel like there is always something to do around the home since ongoing maintenance is required. While these jobs are minor, you don’t want to be going out in the cold for something trivial. These include:

  • Check your light bulbs
  • Repair squeaking doors
  • Inspect carpet fittings
  • Install surge protection
  • Fix the leaking taps

These are all minor jobs. But they can be annoying and contribute to increased energy bills in winter. Additionally, they are all jobs that require minimal effort and cheap parts. So it’s best to do them now than in winter when it’s cold outside, and your money is lower because of heating.

Plumbing and Heating Pipes

There’s never a wrong time to get your pipes checked. Winter is associated with indoor plumbing and pipes problems. But even in summer, your pipes can have issues such as leaking and busting. These can be a total nightmare at any time. But if you leave your pipe checks until winter, you could be waiting longer for a repair if something goes wrong. Fortunately, you can help prevent winter pipe issues with quick reviews for leaking. And help avoid frozen blockages with pipe insulation. So check them now before you have a major disaster.

Check Your Vehicles

Not all repair jobs are inside the home, and some extend beyond the comfy confines of your appealing abode. Vehicles, for example, are prone to major issues at any time. But being broken down and awaiting extraction in the middle of nowhere is a nightmare at the best of times. Never mind when it’s freezing, and your car’s heater has died. So get a jump on the winter by taking your vehicle in for a once over while the weather is still lovely. Simple jobs include checking the battery, topping up fluids, and ensuring your tire tread is adequate.

Summer Repair Jobs Include Decking

People love adding usable and functional space to their homes. And decking is one of the cheapest yet most fun. And it will add tons of value to your home. Because of this, around 20% of homeowners have decking installed. However, decking is typically made from wood. So comes with all the problems wood can have. So while you are enjoying the sun on your fine decking, take a few minutes to check for cracks, splintering, and loose boards. Any of these are much easier to repair in summer while there’s no ice, wind, or snow to get in your way.

Chimney Sweeping

Finally, not all homes have a chimney, but you need to have your chimney inspected before winter if you have one. Mainly because you will want to use your fireplace far more as the cold begins to set in. A poorly maintained chimney is dangerous as it can cause smokey rooms with carbon monoxide. Or dried soot can catch fire. Like boiler companies, chimney maintenance businesses are much less busy in the summer since no one is using their fireplace. So call for a booking ahead of time before everyone else begins to book the local services as it gets colder.


There’s a long list of summer repair jobs that are best done before the weather gets colder. And some will help save money on your energy bills. These jobs include getting your roofing checked, fixing odd jobs around the home, and hiring a professional chimney sweeping service.


7 thoughts on “9 Summer Repair Jobs to Prepare for Winter

  • We have to get our ceiling fixed before winter. We had a toilet leak and had to open up the ceiling to fix it.

  • This is a really great list of summer repair jobs that is need to get done before winter. I’m surely gonna take note of these and share this with my husband

  • For me is very important every summer to check and adjust the roof. But I will check other things too!

  • I need to paint my decks. But I don’t want to do it until it cools off. It’s way to hot to do during the summer months.

  • Our old deck had seen better days and we are going to have a new one built soon. Can’t wait!

  • We have been working on our roof for the last couple days fixing gutters and other soft spots to prepare for the fall rains and winds.

  • This is something to definitely think about early. These projects always sneak up on me in the colder months, and then it is usually too late. Good to plan now!


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