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9 Tips For Looking For Local Home Remodeling Contractors

Home renovations don’t just boost your house’s appearance, but they also significantly increase its resale value. If you live in the Mitten State (i.e., Michigan) – the 11th cheapest state in America – particularly in Kalamazoo or neighboring cities, the current housing market favors homeowners investing in upgrading their homes. Also, data can show that houses in Kalamazoo are being sold for 10% more than they did in 2022. Nearly half of them are being sold over asking prices. Renovating your home can potentially offer you even better deals.

However, choosing the right domestic remodeling contractor ain’t easy. You have to go through a lot before finding the perfect contractor for the job. Choosing the right contractor makes your house more valuable. Here are some tips for selecting an ideal K-Zoo remodeling contractor:

  1. Determine your home remodeling budget

Create your budget before you start looking for a local home remodeling contractor. Make sure you have enough funds to go through the renovating process successfully. There’s no set amount you need to put aside; different renovation projects have unique costs. Smaller remodeling endeavors are easier to handle; you can even take them on DIY style. However, bigger renovations, such as remodeling your kitchen or bathroom, require professional assistance from reliable contractors.

       2. Identify your domestic remodeling needs

Which part of your house are you going to remodel? Housing in Kalamazoo is already 49% cheaper than the national average. If you plan to leave the city soon, refurbish its key areas, such as the bathroom. Bathroom availability is a growing concern for the residents. You’ll find great deals on bathroom remodels in Kalamazoo if you search online and contact reliable remodeling contractors for a free estimate.

       3. Get recommendations from different sources

When finding reliable local contractors, you should ask around the neighborhood to widen your search area. Instead of merely searching online, ask family and friends too. They might share the names of some contractors they have worked with previously.

Some 55% of Americans renovated some parts of their home in 2021, so you’ll likely find some decent recommendations from your friends about contractors in Kalamazoo.

       4. Get estimates from different contractors

Never settle for the first home reno contractor you find. Always gather estimates from multiple renovation contractors and narrow the list to a few names that fit your requirements. Interview these prospective handymen, and hire the best person for the job.

More quotes will give you a clearer picture of the caliber of work different local contractor offer. Many contractors can even provide the same quality of work at cheaper rates to lessen remodeling expenses. But don’t forget that 7 out of 10 remodeling projects exceed the budget by over 10%, as per studies.

       5. Only work with experienced contractors

Working with qualified, certified, and experienced remodeling contractors is a surefire way to renovate your house successfully. Experienced workers aren’t difficult to find; you only need to check the NARI (National Association of Remodeling Industry) database to discover local contractors.

In the state of Michigan, every general contractor working on projects worth over $600 must possess a proper license.

       6. Check their reviews and references

Always visit a remodeling contractor’s website to check their reputation and ascertain their credibility. Check for reviews, testimonials, and the contractor’s past work history. Many contractors will display pictures from their previous projects to showcase their expertise and experience in home remodeling.

However, photographs can sometimes be deceiving. Look for reviews from external sources, such as Yelp, to ensure you’re looking at a professional home remodeling contractor. You should also contact the contractor’s previous clients to find information on the contractor’s credibility.

       7. Know what you’ll pay for

Home renovation projects are seldom finished within the budget, so prepare for unexpected expenditures. However, if the project expenses exceed thousands of dollars, it should ring a bell. Contractors will give you a scope-of-work proposal laying down all the costs of your home remodeling project, such as labor, materials, demolition, and post-project cleanup. Some contractors offer fixed bids, while others work on a cost-plus basis, accounting for overhead fees.

Ensure you know what they ask you to pay for in writing. Have a written contract before making any payments. Also, avoid contractors who request cash payments and upfront payments.

       8. Read the job contract carefully

As Kalamazoo County needs an extra 8,000 homes by 2030, your domestic remodeling contractor may be in a hurry to start working on this project. However, you shouldn’t let the contractor start working until there’s a proper remodeling contract in front of you two. Consult your lawyer when creating this contract – and some states require homeowners to pen down a contract when dealing with a project worth over $500 – to make things official. Add these things to your remodeling contract:

  • The contractor’s contact information
  • The homeowner’s contact information
  • What type of remodeling project is this?
  • What are the start and end dates for this project?
  • What will be the consequences of default by either party?
  • What is going to be the payment schedule for this project?
  • Under what conditions can this remodeling contract be amended?

     9. Go with your gut feeling

Your gut feeling can help you look for seemingly unnoticeable warning signs and determine if the contractor’s the kind of person you’re comfortable working with. If you don’t feel comfortable working with them or if they don’t match your personality, reconsider your choice. Similarly, if that person’s not answering your questions properly, take your business elsewhere.

Your instinct can keep you safe from shoddy contractors!

In Conclusion

Remodeling your place will increase its overall value and you can sell the house at a decent profit. However, you should hire a reliable Kalamazoo domestic remodeling contractor to renovate your property. Ensure that you choose the right person for the job by following the guidelines mentioned in this article. The right contractor will help you bring your vision to life.

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