99 Fun Psychology Quiz Questions You Can Do With Friends

Quizzes are fun and entertaining for most people. The great news is that apart from keeping our minds occupied, they also ensure that all participants will learn something from it. The questions design pinpoint personal questions that give an in-depth picture, and friends can learn from it or show off participant’s knowledge in some areas which they can comfortably boast to their friends when they become the overall winners.

The thing is that with friends, although you have a lot of things in common, you have differences that you might not even be aware of. A quiz will help illuminate the differences. However, when meeting with friends, you may be at a loss on what kinds of quiz questions to do. Here are some fun psychology questions you can do with friends.

99 Fun Psychology Quiz Questions You Can Do With Friends

  1. What is a body part you wouldn’t mind losing, and how?
  2. How would you like to lose that body part?
  3. What is the closest thing to real magi have you ever seen
  4. Which kind of technology works in the same way as magic?
  5. What is something you wish existed today and why?
  6. What is something you cannot stop yourself from buying or doing?
  7. What is something you know you need in your life but postpone getting?
  8. What do you think people judge you for when they see how you dress?
  9. What do you think people think about your bedroom?
  10. Which celebrity do you think you match with and why?
  11. What do you think you can never compromise, and What have you compromised even after promising yourself never to do it?
  12. Do you think your biography would sell?
  13. Do you cry thinking about The Scarlet Letter?
  14. Do you think Count Of Monte Cristo is realistic?
  15. Which movie best describes you?
  16. Are you a hawk or a rabbit?
  17. Do you think the food served in five-star restaurants is worth the price?
  18. Can you have fun without your favorite activity?
  19. If you were kidnapped, what would you do to make us find you quicker?
  20. Do you think you have a tell?
  21. What fictional character would you like to teach to do their job better?
  22. Which fictional character do you despise that made you hate them in real life?
  23. Which boring relationships seem entertaining to you?
  24. When do you fart in a new relationship?
  25. What is your most vital characteristic?
  26. What is something stupid you have thought about doing
  27. What is the most idiotic way you have been injured in the past?
  28. What is something you force yourself not to do because it will break your great name?
  29. What is the most accepted thing today that should be illegal?
  30. What is something you have about the holidays?
  31. What is your best revenge story on a relative?
  32. Why do you despise (someone they know)?
  33. What would you do with a billion dollars?
  34. What is one quality you think you would gain if you were filthy rich?
  35. Would you take a break from social media?
  36. How much will it cost for you never to go online again?
  37. What finally broke the internet but shouldn’t have?
  38. What is your worst color, and why?
  39. Do you think you have leadership qualities that will make you approachable to all?
  40. What is your favorite team spirit, and why?
  41. Why do you think some teams are more successful than others?
  42. Who is the wealthiest person you would like to switch your life with?
  43. If you were in the dark ages, what is one thing you would go back with?
  44. If someone stepped on your new shoes after telling them repeatedly to watch out, what is the first thing you would say to them? Say one sentence?
  45. Who is the messiest person you know?
  46. What is something you cannot stand seeing and why?
  47. At which percentage do you usually unplug your phone?
  48. At what percentage battery do you usually start panicking it will shut down?
  49. Can you go a whole day without using your phone?
  50. Who is someone you text and don’t call and why?
  51. Who is that one musician you wish was around at this time?
  52. Who makes the worst music today and still sells?
  53. What lyrics are underrated but are surprisingly great?
  54. Do you feel relaxed or hyper after listening to music?
  55. Is classical music torturous or adventurous to you, and why?
  56. How long is too long to watch TV?
  57. How soon do you prepare for tests?
  58. Do you think three-day weekends should be mandatory?
  59. What ticks you off completely?
  60. Do people usually want to take you places and why?
  61. How do you detect the same people like you in public?
  62. What is one color you think should not exist?
  63. What useless talent do you have? Could you show it?
  64. If you were a historical figure, you think you could rock?
  65. Who is that friend you think is most carefree, and why?
  66. What is your real-life gag?
  67. Who is the best smelling person you know?
  68. Which celebrity looks like they have bad breath?
  69. What is the place you visited and aren’t planning to go back to because of how bad it smells?
  70. What is your best purchase?
  71. What is your worst purchase?
  72. What is a purchase you regret not getting?
  73. What is something you wish people addressed you by?
  74. What is something about another culture you wish you could transpose to yours?
  75. What is the worst insult you have heard?
  76. What is one insult you wish you could tell someone, but you didn’t?
  77. What is something you did in the kitchen that someone saw they would never eat your food again?
  78. What is something you did as a kid that you still remember daily?
  79. What is the best commercial that you remember clearly up to today?
  80. Who is that teacher that did something cool you can’t seem to forget?
  81. Who is the most savage person you have ever met?
  82. What is something you think will screw your life even though everyone else sees it as an opportunity?
  83. What is something on TV that should be common but is not?
  84. What is something a famous said that is total nonsense?
  85. Is there something you wish you could ask but don’t have the courage to?
  86. What is the most exciting thing you have seen all year?
  87. What are you watching on TV?
  88. What is your theme song?
  89. What do you do Saturdays nights at home?
  90. Where do you wish to move to?
  91. What is your favorite social media network, and why?
  92. What’s your kryptonite?
  93. What is something exciting you love doing that everyone should consider?
  94. What is your favorite drink?
  95. What has been your best idea?
  96. What is one award you wish to get?
  97. Who is your ideal mentor?
  98. What is the biggest roadblock to your career?
  99. Which place do you never plan to go but usually go to?

When taking the quiz, ensure that it’s in a light mood. Every answer has some explanation behind it. Ensure that it’s possible to skip questions that seem personal after all; it’s all about having fun and knowing friends better.



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