A Beginner’s Guide to Facial Care in 2022: Tips, Tricks And More

When it comes to taking care of your skin, it’s pretty easy for anyone to get stuck in a rut. Yes, it’s true, even if you follow some excellent vegan skincare. Sometimes, you will need to go the extra mile to get that alluring glow to your skin.

So, how are you going to do it?

Well, by following a dedicated facial care routine, of course. However, if you need any help in this regard, we would ask you to keep reading this article till the end.

Creating A Facial Care Routine – An Informative Guide 

We have dissected our guide to creating an excellent facial care routine into three sections. Each of them will carry specific information, so make sure to go through everything as closely as possible.


Your skin stays pretty fresh (and oily) in the morning. Thus, you can keep your routine a little simple during this period.

Here are some tips that you may use to improve your facial skin tone before going out.

Drink Water

Make a habit of drinking water right after waking up. It can be pretty beneficial for people with dry skin and help them stay hydrated. Besides, you may also try washing your face with warm water to clean the skin pores and eliminate dirt from them effectively.

Wear Sunscreen 

Avoiding direct contact with the sun would be the best thing to do for your facial skin. However, if necessary, you must use SPF sunscreen to protect your skin. You can choose between various Louis Widmer dermatologic products by yourself or ask an expert (namely, a dermatologist) to suggest something.

Use a Hydrosol 

After you are done with cleansing, make sure to create a barrier to your skin by using hydrosol. It will work as an extra layer of protection for your face. Several essential oils, such as rose or lavender, can be excellent options for you.


Unlike the morning routine, your nighttime facial care procedure should be all about soothing and repairing your skin. The following suggestions might be helpful for you in this regard.

Wipe Your Makeup Diligently 

If you had used makeup on your face in the morning, we would ask you to remove it as carefully and diligently as possible. Do not use any makeup-remover wipes, as they are filled with chemicals. Instead, opt for lukewarm water to do the trick.

Take A Bath In Warm Water 

Using warm water while taking a bath will help open your skin pores. Hence, if you use a mild scrubber on your face, you can easily get rid of the grimes from your face. Besides, it will also soothe your skin and help it repair/recover from the damages quickly.


Finally, once you come back from the bathroom, you should use a moisturizer on your face right away. This way, your skin will regain the moisture back right away and offer a sense of softness. You can wash it off after waking up the next morning.

Once Every Week 

Your facial skin tends to be a little more mild and sensitive. Hence, you must not use the below-mentioned tips more than once a week.

Clean With A Chemical Exfoliant 

Do you want to remove the buildup of dead skin cells from your face? Then, using a chemical exfoliant once every week can be beneficial for you. Nonetheless, once you are done with the procedure, make sure to moisturize your skin immediately!

Use A Sheet Mask 

Sheet masks tend to be drenched with skin-nourishing serums. Hence, using the same once a week can help you revive the outlook of your face pretty quickly. A sheet mask can be pretty helpful if you are going for a weekend getaway and, therefore, can’t follow your routine.


Finding the ideal routine for your skin usually involves a lot of trials and errors. Thus, you shouldn’t get demoralized if something isn’t really working out for you. Instead, try out another


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