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 Susan and Libby (Miss Libby to some, Elsabeth to others, and Elizabeth on her birth certificate) have been the closest of friends for over  30 years. They met when she and Susan were both pregnant; Susan with her first child and Libby with her sixth. Yes, her sixth!

Susan, and her sister, Joan, ran an interior design company through the 80’s and 90’s. Susan majored in Art and Interior Design. Joan majored in nursing, but worked for a number of year as a decorator of her husband’s contracting company, before she and Susan formed their own firm.


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Susan is…well, we’ll just say…all over the place, but is most knowledgeable in art, music (an accomplished pianist and artist) and event planning. She is married to the Devo, Bob.



Head Shot CircleLibby majored in many things including midwifery and children. She has 10! After she and her husband had 9, they adopted their 10th. Libby is an avid reader and began blogging about books about 7 years ago, she’s the behind the scenes technical guru here at Beautiful Touches.


Mindi is married to one of Libby’s sons.  She is the mom of 2 boys and a brand new baby girl.  She majored in journalism, and now works in real estate.


Bob Head ShotBob is a pharmacist, and he and Susan love to cook together. He knows the science of cooking and likes to create new dishes. His second full time job, is to keep Susan somewhat grounded.

Susan was often approached by friends and family, asking for their help in planning and executing events. Susan enjoyed the pace of event planning and began to take on clients, but needed help, so she decided to ask the most reliable and creative person she knew (Libby), to work on weddings and parties.  They began planning weddings and wedding receptions, anniversary parties, expos and other large events. They got so busy that they often had to turn down offers. After all, they needed time for other important pursuits, such as watching soap operas and eating bon bons (oh how they wished!). Actually when working on events, the only luxury they enjoyed was a late night run to 7-11 for a fountain Coke and a candy bar. They pulled a lot of all nighters back in those days!

As their adventures grew, Joan joined in and was known as the fluff queen and the garnisheee lady, as garnishing was her specialty. She KNOWS how to make things look good.

Bob was always ready and available, to help load and unload the vans for each and every event.  He was a trooper!

They cannot leave out one other important woman, who often joined in on the fun…their dear friend Carolyn, Aka Pines, as she loved to swing through the trees (insert Tarzan Yell – LOL). Caroline could take an old piece of fabric and turn it into something magical. Sadly, Carolyn passed away, after a long battle with cancer. Before her death, Carolyn, who was never sparing in giving out advice, told Susan that she needed to leave her then current job of 10 years, and get back to what she was passionate about. This blog is one of several pursuits that have been born from her advice. Carolyn is dearly missed.

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 Is there a special occasion coming up that you need ideas for?  Looking for tutorials on a specific DIY project?  Want a new recipe that will knock your mother-in-law’s socks off?  Just let us know.  Weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, graduations?  We’ve planned them all!  Need to know how to make a package as beautiful as the heart felt wish behind the gift?  Painting techniques?  Crafts?  Floral arranging?

We’ve got the experience and want to share with YOU!


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