About Mindi

Mindi is a wife, mother and so much more…she has 3 children: 2 smart and handsome boys – Connor, 7 and Nolan, 3 and a band new baby girl, Lorelai.

She has been married to Simon (one of Libby’s sons) for 11 years.

Mindi and er family are in a  transition period of… life between adding a new baby girl to the bunch and losing her adopted grandmother, Ta, whom they lived with and looked after, for quite some time.  Mindi and Simon are currently raising their children In her parents’ house (because Simon’s parents can’t convince them to move to Louisiana and live with them:-), making it a multi-generational home. She works from home and spends her days AND nights, trying to balance it all without losing her mind …. LOL, or maybe she already has!