Age Truly Is Nothing But A Number

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Aging is Awesome! You don’t think so…What is the alternative?

So, at what age do you become OLD?If you asked 100 people, I bet you would get at least a dozen different answers.  Age truly is just a number. In many ways, we are just as young as we want to be  Aside from a few aches and pains, and in some cases maybe a wrinkle or two, we can continue to feel and behave as young as we wish!

I’m a wife, a mother of 10 and grandmother of 26.  I’m 63 years young and I’ve spent way too many years worrying about what others think…about how I dress, how I style my hair, how I act and what I do.

NOT ANY MORE! Life is too short to spend time worrying about what others think.  Each and everyone of us should strive to enjoy our lives.  I’m not saying that we shouldn’t care about others, but in order to be there for others we have to be their for ourselves, and AARP is all about the best quality of life for those of us who are no longer spring chickens.

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60 is the new 40 folks, and I venture to say that in a few years I’ll be saying the same thing about 70.  I have more experience, more confidence and more initiative. 15 years ago, I couldn’t figure out email and now I can code html. I pitch brands and tell them how great I am.  I submitted an essay to a company and they liked it so much they sent me to Cancun to attend a conference, to learn more about them. I can find a tutorial on how to do just about anything via an internet search.  A son is teaching me how to use a drone, a grandson has promised that in the near future I’m going to be a YouTube sensation!

Life is good.Age Is Nothing But A Number

I dance with my dogs and sing to my chickens.  If my neighbors see me or hear me, I ask them if they’d like an encore.

I dress more comfortably (shhh, don’t tell my best friend, but if I don’t feel like wearing a bra I DON’T). I don fun patterns and bright colors and accessorize with big chunky jewelry.Age Is Nothing But A Number

I have blue polish on my nails.  If I don’t feel like putting on makeup Yoooooo-Hooooo… sunglasses!  But, if I do feel like glitzing it up, I can slather on eye shadow and coat my lashes with enough mascara to rival any teenager.I can stay up and watch TV all night…sleep in till noon…eat dessert first (or just eat dessert)!Age is Nothing but a Number

And let’s get to the nitty grittyand my children who read my blog can just skip over this part (because your parents talking abut S    E    X is gross, no matter how old you are). It’s said that males peak in their early 20’s.  Someone forgot to tell my husband. No worries about pregnancy. That in itself is super freeing. (And ladies – the cessation of menses…totally the bomb.  Hot flashes be damned. Consider them energy surges.  No More PERIODS!) As a couple, we have grown closer and closer the longer we have been together.  Intimacy is still very much a part of our lives.

Our love for one another has become richer as time goes on.  He lights up my world.  I still get excited when he gets home from work.  He opens doors for me, we hold hands walking through parking lots.  We tell each other ” I love you, AND I love you more”, often throughout the day.  We send each other texts and messages on Facebook. Love notes are left here and there…on bathroom mirrors, tucked into books, slipped into my purse or his briefcase. Through the years love and loving just gets better and better.

Be yourself, enjoy living, shout out loud… ” HELLO WORLD, I’M STILL HERE AND I’M GONNA MAKE EVERY DAY COUNT!”

Don’t let aging frighten you…let it inspire you!

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16 thoughts on “Age Truly Is Nothing But A Number

  • wow that was really informative!

  • Age really is nothing but a number. Thanks for the reminder!

  • I love this blog post! How awesome that a company would send you to cancun based on an essay you wrote! You go girl!

  • I also believe age is just a number but some days I feel every bit of my age, lol!

  • Age is all about how you feel. At least that’s what I’ve always told myself. Sometimes I forget how good it feels to pamper myself here and there.

  • Age is a number. You can feel old when you are 20, and young when you are 70. It all has to do with what is in your heart.

  • Age is a number. You can feel old when you are 20, and young when you are 70. It all has to do with what is in your heart. 🙂

  • Age IS just a number!

  • What a fabulous and inspiring post this is! I wish I will be like you when reach 60 as I am afraid of getting older and what life may bring me. But reading this post and about your experiences, this has put a smile on my face.

  • I could not agree more. Living life to the fullest is something you can do at any age.

  • Aging is awesome because you can chose to do what makes you the happiest. When I’m older I want to take world cruises back to back.

  • That’s right! Age is just a number.

  • Very fun post – I love your outlook! I’m a fellow #DisruptAging friend!


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