All You Need To Know About Argyle Diamonds

If you love fancy coloured diamonds and even own jewellery with these beautiful gemstones, there is a high probability that the diamonds came from the Argyle diamond mine in Kimberley, Western Australia. The mine has operated for around forty years and produced up to 90% of the pink and coloured diamonds you see used in jewellery. The mine has produced many different colours and shades, but it is best known for the brilliant pink diamonds found here.

What Makes Argyle Diamonds Special?

Argyle pink diamonds stand out from gems which are mined in other locations, and the biggest difference is the vibrant colours they produce. If you compared a high-quality pink diamond from the Argyle to one that is mined in another country, such as Russia, you will see the Argyle diamond has a distinct and rich colour.

The Argyle Mine

The Argyle diamond mine sits in the Kimberley area of Western Australia and covers 124 acres. The mine was initially an open pit mine which descended 600 meters below the surface, and this was closed in 2010. From 2013 onwards, the mine production was solely underground. In 2018 the mine produced a staggering 14 million carats of diamonds and the operator Rio Tinto boasted supplying up to 90% of the pink and red diamonds available on the market. It was also the most commercially successful diamond mine in the world before its closure in 2020, although diamonds are still coming to market today from this iconic diamond mine.

Different Colours Available

The Argyle mine is famous for the pink diamonds they produce, but other colours come out of the mine also. There is so much choice available that the company operating the mine, Rio Tinto, created a unique grading system. The diamonds are available in a variety of shades and colours, which includes:

  • Purplish Pink – PP
  • Pink – P
  • Pink Rose – PR
  • Pink Champagne – PC
  • Blue Violet – BL
  • Red

No matter where you are in the world, if you are looking at engagement ring with pink diamonds, the Argyle mine likely produced the gems you are looking at in the jewellery. When you purchase jewellery that contains diamonds from the Argyle mine, it will come with a certificate to declare the authenticity and the colour grading from the mine. If you do purchase jewellery that comes with this certificate, ensure that you keep the certificate safe, making selling the jewellery much easier if you ever wish to do so.

Why They Are So Popular

Argyle diamonds have been available for around forty years, and over that time, their value has increased steadily. Consumers are still seeking these beautiful gemstones as an investment, and a significant reason for this is that the Argyle diamond mine closed in 2020. As such, no new diamonds are being produced at this mine, so the ones already available in the market increase value, making them an excellent investment opportunity.

Argyle Diamonds Pink Diamond Ring

Image Source: If you are looking to invest in diamonds, you may wish to consider buying Argyle diamonds before they are all gone, and you could see your investment increasing steadily in value over the next few years.

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