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Almondina Snacks that Taste AWESOME

Disclosure: These Almondina Snacks were received from the Company for review purposes only. All thoughts and words in this post are my own and I was not paid to endorse it. I am only voicing my opinion about this product.

I love cruncy, I love sweet…Almondina Snacks are something I LOVE TO EAT!

Almondina Snacks that Taste AWESOME

Seriously, folks.  Almondina kindly sent me a selection of their Cookies and Toasties.  I had these big plans to take beautiful photos of them on my best china plates. Thinking “Oh, I’ll make lovely swetened creams cheese swirls on the tops of them, and garnish with fresh mint”.


Why?  Because I ATE THEM.

Almondina Snacks that Taste AWESOME

I didn’t share (well, I let my son have half of one bag of Toasties).  I ate them for snacks.  I ate them for dessert. I ate them instead of a meal.

About Almondina

Almondina® Brand Biscuits are unique – a gourmet cookie, health food and snack, all in one. These extraordinary gourmet treats are created from a secret family recipe which has been passed down from generation to generation. Now you can enjoy Almondina® just as Grandma Dina made in her own kitchen.

These are addictive…in a GOOD WAY.  They have just enough sweetness to tickle your taste buds.  The are crunchy enough to satisfy your need to much. There is a flavor to please just about everyone.  I enjoyed every single one that I ate, but my all time favorite…

Cranberry Almond Toasties

Almondina Snacks that Taste AWESOME

Flavors Available

So Why Almondina, besides that fact that they tasts so darn good?

Because they are made with Natural Ingredients, have no added Fat of Salt, No Cholesterol, No Preservative, No Diary and are Lacotes Free.  OU Kosher & Parve!

Almondina Snacks that Taste AWESOME

Ooooh – what about your holiday baking.  Why not use crushed Gingerspice Cookies as a base for pumpkin chiffon pie?  Or put out a platter of The Originals to serve with hot cocoa. Break up a package of Coconut Almond Toasties, and use instead of croutons in a winter salad – mixed greens tossed with chopped fresh pears and crisp apples.


Almondina also offers Gift Baskets – perfect for Holiday Gift Giving.  Keep some one hand for those drop in guests…and be sure to hide some packs JUST FOR YOU!

Learn More and Connect With Almondina:  Shop Online |Find a Store  Facebook | Twitter

3 thoughts on “Almondina Snacks that Taste AWESOME

  • The Choconut® cookies sound delicious! I think I need to try these soon.

  • I’m a very addictive person myself! I have the motto that I can’t eat just one!! These Almondina Snacks sound awesome to me!
    I read that they offer gift baskets too! Nice to know especially with the holidays coming. Thanks for sharing!


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