Safety Tips for Women Traveling Solo Camper Van in Desert Terrain

4 Safety Tips for Women Traveling Solo on Campervans

Female solo travel is an ongoing global phenomenon. Statistics shared by Condor Ferries show that the search term ‘female solo travel’ alone has increased by over 60 per cent on multiple search engines. More than 50 per cent of women who have already travelled by themselves expressed intentions to do so again within the same […]

Home Office With A Family Woman sitting on sofa, working on laptop with her small children nearby

Tips For Creating A Home Office With A Family

A home office in a family home can be a challenge, especially when that space might be limited. However, regardless of the size of your property, there’s always an opportunity to create a work environment that works well and helps inspire productivity and creativity. With that in mind here are some… Tips for creating a […]

Make Your Home Safer for Kids Childs hand by toy train on train track

Three Crucial Things You Can Do to Make Your Home Safer for Kids

Once you have kids, you start worrying about their safety, especially when they start crawling and walking around. Even before you have the first kid, childproof your home. Most people usually do the obvious, like installing a less slippery floor, buying safe baby furniture, and covering sockets.  You might also go a step ahead and […]

Garden Upgrades Made Easy Welcome sign in garden

Garden Upgrades Made Easy: 5 Key Questions To Spearhead Success

The value of your garden has never been greater, and it’s only natural that you want to unlock its full potential.  However, you can only make this happen if you implement a winning strategy. Use the following five questions for guidance and you won’t go far wrong. Garden Upgrades Made Easy Q1. Is it safe? […]

2021 It’s Spring Gift Ideas and Buying Guide

Disclaimer: Beautiful Touches received products from the brands listed below, to facilitate the publication of this Gift Ideas and Buying Guide.  No monetary compensation has been exchanged.  All opinions stated are those of the author. 2021 It’s Spring Gift Ideas and Buying Guide  Greens Steel One of the best stainless steel water bottles I’ve ever […]

Fighting Age Two mature women hugging and smiling

Fighting Age Or Simply Hiding The Signs?

Anti-aging products have long been extremely popular around the world. In fact, even before mass-produced cosmetics, people from cultures throughout history have tried to find ways to slow the process of getting old. Of course, though, most of the products you find on the market are designed to simply hide the signs that you’re getting […]

Best Self-Care Tips flowers and bath salts

The Best Self-Care Tips To Make You Feel Centered

We can most likely all agree that a little escape is needed right now. Whether it’s through a feel-good playlist, a new book, or the people we surround ourselves with. The self-care rituals we incorporate into our daily routines affect our mental health and overall wellbeing. Surrounding yourself with rituals that make you happy and act […]

Going Backpacking Backpack and hiking gear

Read This Guide Before Going Backpacking For The First Time

Backpacking for the first time will be a very exciting and nervy experience for anyone. The idea behind backpacking is that you travel around the world, often with minimal resources. As the name suggests, you usually only have a backpack as your companion! Well, you can backpack around different places with friends in a group, […]