Cannabis Plant, and CBD Tincture - Cannabinoids

How Cannabinoids Help in Dermatology

Dermatology deals with the health of the human skin. The experts focus on treatment through treatments and surgery. Apart from these, they have been conducting various research on the best cure and ways to promote skin health. Cannabinoids have been found to have the potency to treat various skin conditions and also ease pain after […]

Airplane Pockets

Clean and Organized Travel with Airplane Pockets!

Disclaimer: Beautiful Touches received product from Airplane Pockets to facilitate this publication.  No monetary compensation was exchanged.  All opinions stated are those of the author. Who just loves the hustle and bustle of flying?  Racing through busy airports…standing in long lines….jostling personal belonging while trying to navigate narrow aisles…and then squeezing into seats made for […]

# Smiling Young Black Women - Your Smile Affects What People Think Of You

Like It Or Not, Your Smile Affects What People Think Of You

We like to think that people see our inner character. They know that even if we have external flaws, we’re generally a good person, doing our best to make our way in the world. The problem with this view is that it ascribes too much insight into the people around us. For the most part, friends, […]

5 Experiences For Adrenaline Junkies in Vegas

5 Experiences For Adrenaline Junkies in Vegas

In 2018, over 42 million people visited Las Vegas. Are you planning your own Sin City getaway this year? While many people might be satisfied with spending their time in Vegas dining, drinking, and gambling, the thrill-seekers among us might what something more. If you’re looking for activities for adrenaline junkies in Vegas, you’ve come to the […]

WPC Vinyl Flooring

All About WPC Vinyl Flooring & Its Many Benefits

WPC Vinyl flooring or Wood Plastic Vinyl flooring is a type of flooring that involves the use of engineered, waterproof vinyl tiles. The tiles have a seamless interlocking system that is helpful in installing them over almost every type of existing sub-floor. Many people opt for WPC flooring since it is extremely durable and also […]

Have a Squeaky Clean Valentine’s Day With Soap Cauldron

Disclaimer: Beautiful Touches has received product from Soap Cauldron to facilitate this publication.  No monetary compensation has been exchanged.  All opinions stated are those of the author. Anyone who knows me even the slightest, knows that I am a tubaholic. I could spend hours in the tub, soaking away my aches and pains. And when […]

Chocolates and Roses - 8 Truly Unique Valentines Gifts They'll Absolutely Love and Cherish

8 Truly Unique Valentines Gifts They’ll Absolutely Love and Cherish

Celebrating Valentine’s Day is a tradition that cherishes the loved one in your life. Those who celebrate the holiday are even spending an average of $60 more than previous years. People are putting more energy into finding the perfect gift to show their feelings. They seek out-of-the-box ideas that are thoughtful and practical. So, are you looking […]

2020 Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Welcome everyone, to our 2020 Valentine’s Day Gift Guide. Check out all the awesome titles below.  Come back often as we will be adding throughout the season.  Beautiful Touches has received these items from brands, as gifts  from family and friends, or have purchased for this years Valentin’es Day gift giving.  No monetary compensation has […]

Woman Consults with Pharmacist - Human Error at any Pharmacy

4 Strategies for Reducing the Impact of Human Error at any Pharmacy

Pharmacies are in trouble and that means consumers are as well. Pharmacists are overworked, pharmacies are understaffed and the number of prescription errors is on the rise. What can be done? The number of elderly Americans is growing and that means more prescriptions. Here are a few ways to reduce human errors in pharmacies. Modernize […]

Solar Panels on Home Roof - Environmental Benefits of Solar Power

Solar Shenanigans! 7 Environmental Benefits of Solar Power

Climate emergency. Those two words have lined the headlines and buzzed in our ears for months now. People across the world are rallying together, demonstrating, protesting, and calling upon governments to respond to the unfolding environmental catastrophe. Now more than ever, we need to find clean energy alternatives to reduce emissions. The plethora of environmental […]