Luxury Bathroom / Beautiful Hotel Bathroom at Home

How to Create a Beautiful Hotel Bathroom at Home

Have you ever been to a stunning hotel room and wished you could stay forever? The deluxe bathrooms in elite hotels are frequently one of the most exquisite and plentiful amenities. Amazing bathrooms, on the other hand, aren’t exclusive to resorts and commercial establishments. In truth, there are various steps you may take to make […]

Social Media and Networking

The Many Benefits of Networking That Every Business Needs

Networking has always played a major role in commerce; which would have been via word of mouth and telegram before we discovered the telephone, yet now the World Wide Web hosts many networking possibilities across the board. Here are some of the benefits that your business can enjoy with effective networking. Establish Productive Connections – […]

Open Book on Table with Christmas Decorations

2021 Holiday Gift Ideas and Buying Guide Page: Books Books and More Books

Disclaimer: Beautiful Touches received the titles below to facilitate this posting, which is part of our Gift Ideas and Buying Guide series of publications.  All information come from the publishers. Every heard the saying Reading is Fundamental?  I’m a firm believe, so I’m always excited to find new books to read for myself or for […]

Halloween Fun for Everyone

2021 Halloween Fun for Everyone: Food and Games

Disclaimer: Beautiful Touches has received items from some of the brands below to facilitate this publication, which is part of our Gift Ideas and Buying Guides series of posts. All info on products/services come directly from brands.  Any opinions stated are those of the authors. It’s that time of year. Cooler temps (at least it isn’t in […]

What to Know About the Real Estate Market / House and Money Clip Art

What to Know About the Real Estate Market Before Buying and Selling

Some people can be so focused on adding value to their home in preparation for sale or thinking about the type of home they want to buy that they forget to look at the market itself. While the home is a crucial component of a house sale or purchase, what the market is doing can […]

Server Cloud Development Business Network

Practical Ways To Protect Your Business Against Fraud

In May, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) stated that 47% of businesses on the global landscape had dealt with fraudulent activities in one way or the other. That is almost half of the world’s business market. Without a doubt, fraud is an issue of concern that needs to be taken seriously. Thankfully, the US government and countries worldwide […]

Cost-Effective Features Installing Peel and Stick flooring tiles

Really Cool, Cost-Effective Features That Will Transform Your Home

You know that urge that you get whereby you feel you need to make some changes to your home or workspace, it’s like the time has come ‘spontaneously’ and you know you want to do something, you just don’t know what on earth it is, the danger there is that you might make some rash […]

woman reading a book in front of window with fairy lights next to a vase filld with fir tree trimmings

2021 Holiday Gift Ideas and Buying Guide: Books from Rocky Nook

Disclaimer: Beautiful Touches has received the titles below from Rocky Nook via Pacific and Court, in exchange for inclusion in our Gift Ideas and Buying Guide series of publications. All information comes directly from the publisher.   Welcome to this seasons offering of awesome Books from Rocky Nook THE TRAVEL PHOTOGRAPHY GOOK, by Scott Kelby […]

How To Help Your Child Develop Confidence Little girl in a blue dress playing with a doll

How To Help Your Child Develop Confidence

There are plenty of important elements that’ll contribute to a happy and fulfilling childhood. Actually, there are many that’ll contribute to a happy and fulfilling adulthood. One of the more frequently overlooked aspects is confidence. If a child is confident, then they’ll be more likely to grow and develop; if they’re not, then life can […]