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Bathe In Beauty with A New Bathroom

Are you tired of your bathroom looking old, dull and outdated?  If that’s the case, you should consider modernizing it with a fantastic renovation or doing our own bathroom redesign yourself. Don’t forget for value, the bathroom is one of the most important areas of your home.  So, it certainly pays to explore the possibility of a full renovation. There are various ways to renovate your bathroom but let’s start with color.

Shading Your New Bathroom

Bathe In Beauty with A New Bathroom

In the past, bathrooms were decorated with colorful pallets to ensure it was a bright spot in your home. You might have decorated your bathroom with royal blues or perhaps a rustic red. Some people might have even had bathrooms in bright sunny yellow shades. Today, interior style is based around the idea of minimalism, and that includes colour. So, rather than opting for the bright shades, you should consider the possibility of instead aiming for black and white shades. Black and white shades contrast beautifully in a bathroom and look absolutely stunning. You’ll love the chic, stylish edge it gives your room. Of course, you can add a little color here and there. Just don’t go overboard with the design, instead, ensuring that it is predominantly black with hints of white.

Light Up The Water

Of course, there is one place you can add light to your bathroom that will look spectacular. This is with the water. Have you ever wanted your water to light up and sparkle? Well, now you can. Be sure to check out my thoughts on the Illumibowl technology to transform your toilet bowl into a light up masterpiece. But don’t stop there because you can get lighting for the taps and faucets as well. These could look absolutely fantastic and bring your bathroom crashing into the 21st century.

Bathe In Beauty with A New Bathroom

Of course, if you’re replacing the faucets you need to think carefully about the style. Hard cut metallic faucets are in style right now and again, aim for minimalism. Try to avoid taps and faucets that are too decorative. Instead, let the room speak for itself.

Be A Little Vain

You should definitely purchase a new vanity cabinet for your bathroom. Don’t worry, it’s going to fit in beautifully with the new aesthetic, particularly if you opt for something like a Grand Carter Carrara. This beautiful cabinet has a marble top with black doors that will look perfect in your new bathroom. Of course, modern vanities come in many styles so be sure to look around before you select one for your new room. As well as keeping things neat and tidy, the right vanity cabinet can be a centrepiece of a modern bathroom.

Add A Touch More Elegance

Do you have tiled or marble floors in your bathroom? You might be put off by the price, but you can get a replica material that looks like marble but is actually a fraction of the price. Your guests won’t be able to tell the difference, and it could be a fantastic addition to your home. To add a touch more to your floor, make sure that you cover it with a thin layer of epoxy resin. This will ensure that the surface material shines and glistens.

Using these little tricks and tips, you can make sure that your bathroom is styled to stun after a thorough renovation.

Bathe In Beauty with A New Bathroom

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  • I love the idea of lighting up the water area. I have a small bathroom, but need it to be much nicer for my tastes.


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