Let’s be honest; our bathrooms are hardly a priority during the summer months. When the sun is scorching, the most we do is hop in the shower to cool down. We certainly don’t spend time luxuriating in that hot and stuffy space. After all, most bathrooms have small windows and can act like saunas in the summertime.

But, with fall upon us, that’s about to change. During the cold months, we spend much more time in our bathrooms. They become a cozy space, where we can waste hours soaking in the tub. Light a few candles and take a book with you, and you’re set for the evening.

However, you may find that the bathroom which sufficed during warm weather no longer suits. And, if you aren’t happy with the room itself, you’ll find it incredibly difficult to relax. Which is why we’re going to look at a few ways you can fall in love with your bathroom this season.

A bathtub to warm your bones

Your first port of call should, of course, be your bathtub. This is the primary focus of any fall bathroom. It’s certainly where you’ll be spending most of your time. But, if a tub is the wrong shape, it can be near enough impossible to sit in for a long time.

A Bathroom You Can Fall For

Instead of depriving yourself of long baths, why not invest in a new tub? You deserve it, right? If you want your tub to be the main event, you could opt for a freestanding option. A quick online search will help you discover the best freestanding tubs available, so don’t hesitate to get looking. Or, you might prefer a standard tub with added features. Air baths or whirlpool options could be the ideal thing to help you relax.

Keep the heat in

No one wants to step into a cold room the moment they get out of the bath. Talk about coming back down to reality. Make sure you don’t get that nasty shock of cold air by finding ways to keep the heat in. Luckily, there are a variety of ways to do it.

A Bathroom You Can Fall For

If you’re willing to go all out, you could invest in underfloor heating. It’s not cheap, but imagine stepping out onto a perfectly warm floor? It’s the stuff of dreams. If you’re not willing to spend quite that much, you could always invest in a heated towel rack instead. While the level of luxury is more modest with one of these, it’s always lovely wrapping yourself in a toasty towel.

You could also invest in bath mats, which will make a huge difference. They may not be warm, exactly, but they’ll undoubtedly protect your feet from the cold flooring. You could even invest in some blinds for your windows. Most bathrooms have frosted glass, so blinds aren’t necessary. But, they can make a massive difference to the amount of heat which escapes. Not to mention that they can go a long way towards adding to that cozy vibe!

Cozy additions

Let’s be honest; the additions make fall what it is. Who doesn’t love a pumpkin ornament, or a fall-themed coffee mug? It’s all part of the fun. And your bathroom doesn’t have to miss out here. You can take your picture from a variety of bathroom appropriate additions. Most obviously, you could invest in cinnamon scented candles for around your tub. By lighting them about five minutes before you get in, you’ll be able to enjoy the smells of fall throughout your bath.

You could even go all out, and invest in some fall scented bath products. This season is big business, and a little searching should reveal some winners. Bear in mind that bath bombs, while they smell fantastic, don’t produce bubbles. Instead, you might be best looking for a bubbly bathtime to get lost in!

A Bathroom You Can Fall For

What about your walls?

Now may also be the ideal time to decorate your bathroom walls. The damp environment means they peel and crack over time anyway. So, a freshen is sure to go down well. And, why not take the chance to paint your bathroom a color which creates a relaxing atmosphere? Often, we opt for bright colors in bathrooms. Yellows and bright blues are common. But, they’re not the best when you’re trying to relax. Instead, consider deeper blues, or perhaps even reds. Deep purple could also work well. If you’re skeptical about painting the whole room in a dark color, why not just pick a feature wall instead?

A Bathroom You Can Fall For

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