Be Confident and Be Active with the Help of Depend…Silhouette Active Fit brief.

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#Underwarness – Depend Active Fit brief – Photo Credit: Depend.

Bladder leakage is not a fun topic to talk about, but one that NEEDS to be addressed! Here are a few facts on the subject:

• More people with bladder leakage are in their 20’s than their 80’s
• The average age of someone with bladder leakage is only 52!
• More people with bladder leakage are 50 or younger than 60 or older!

Depend 3Learn more and request your free no-obligation samples of Depend Silhouette Active Fit! #Underwareness.

As the mother of 10, I know all too well the havoc that pregnancy (lol and old age) can play on a woman’s body.  After 9 full term pregnancies (with babies that weighed from 8lbs. 5oz. – 10lbs. 15oz. my body changed – a LOT! Although I would not trade my children for anything in the world, I would like to trade some of the lasting “side effects” that can came from those pregnancies.

During pregnancy, women can suffer from Stress Incontinence – this type of leakage is caused by increased pressure on the bladder. After the baby(s) are born, continued incontinence can occur  because childbirth weakens the pelvic floor muscles. Also, nerves are sometimes damaged, the urethra and bladder move slightly and episiotomies can cause permanent damage to the pelvic floor muscle.

Most times, bladder leakage is not a sign of serious medical issues, but it’s always best to check with a health care professional the first time you experience bladder leakage, or if leakage issues change.

So, what can you do, to make life more pleasant when coughing, laughing, sneezing (or in my case lifting objects), causes bladder leakage?  Try using Depend Silhouette Active Fit briefs! These are not your typical bladder leakage briefs.  Silhouette Active Fit briefs are made from a cloth-like fabric so as to not be noticeable under clothing. They offer great fit and feel.


Depend is entering year two of Underwareness, a social movement and charitable cause to break down the bladder leakage stigma. As part of Underwareness, the Depend brand is encouraging people to show their support for women with bladder leakage. For every photo and video shared using #Underwareness and featuring Depend products, the Depend brand will donate $1, up to $3 million, through 2016 to fund charities that advance the research and education of bladder leakage.
Lastly, you will encourage your audience to visit to support the cause and request free samples of Depend Silhouette Active Fit.

I truly hope that you’ll join in and support the cause. Learn more and request your free no-obligation samples of Depend Silhouette Active Fit! #Underwareness.


Be Confident and Be Active with the Help of Depend

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  1. 10 children?! Hats of to you. Are two of them twins, since you said 9 pregnancies?

    And that’s nice that Depend has this program.

  2. I like that they are helping the children, so just for that I might have to check them out..

    Thanks so much! xoxoxo

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