Best Cities in Thailand for Vacations


Thailand is the most coveted country in this world. The government is full of contrasts.  If you are planning to head Thailand for vacations, then this article is perfect for you. What comes in your mind when you hear Thailand? White beaches with glimmering sun rays with serenity in the environment.  But Thailand is much more than this. It comprises many cosmopolitan cities to cater to your vacation joy.

You may go hiking on the hike traits or go shopping in the world’s most prestigious malls. Thailand is all set for you and your vacations. You can also play casino games in Thailand at gclub casino, which is well-known for its slot games. Other gaming parlors are also there to provide you good gaming experience.  At day, you can wander and explore Thailand’s some very phenomenal cities.

Best Cities in Thailand for Vacations

BangkokWat Phra Kaew - Temple of the Emerald Buddah - Best Cities in Thailand for Vacations

First in the list is the Bangkok city that is known as the bustling metropolis city of Thailand. The town is all stacked with metal and glass skyscrapers that lay beside the ancient Buddha temples.  Wat Phra Kaew- the most sacred temple of Buddha, gives this city the old identity related to religion. This temple is the main attraction of this Thai capital city. Visitors of vacations can visit this temple and get mesmerized with the beauty.

Bangkok city is full of shopping malls and stores. If you are in the mood of shopping, then Bangkok city is your destination for vacations. It also has the world’s largest weekend outdoor market that attracts many tourists throughout the year. The city is lively at night. You will find this city more happening at night as the streets get cover with lights and other decorations. but beware underground casinos.

Wat Chaiwatthanaram Temple - Best Cities in Thailand for Vacations

Ayutthaya was the capital of Thailand from 1351 until the Burmese people burned it in 1767. The city went into history after that. But the leftover buildings, temples, and forts are still awe-inspiring. That incident did not destroy the beauty of the town. Ayutthaya city is famous for Wat Chaiwatthanaram temple that lies at the heart of the city. This temple has a 35 meters long tower and eight high chapels. The whole city is religious and has an artistic temperament. This city is also in the list of UNESCO heritage site for its benevolence and awe-inspiring temples.

Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai - Best Cities in Thailand for Vacations

If you are an outdoor lover, then Chiang Mai city is best for you. The city is easy to navigate and explore. Chaing Mai city is well surrounded by outdoor beauties, including national parks, waterfalls, mountains, and ancient built Buddha temples. Doi Inthanon is the highest mountain range of this city, with a very steep trekking range for all visitors.

The city is very vegetarian friendly and don’t break the budget of fellow tourists. Chiang Mai is home to many elephant sanctuaries that give chances to all visitors to interact with animals. This city is also famous for its Thai cooking classes. You can also learn cooking as a new skill during your vacations in Thailand.


Thailand is the country that offers you the best and phenomenal experience of vacations. The culture of the country is rich with religious beliefs and modernity.

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