#BestofBLUE Blue Buffalo™ Food for Your Furbabies

This post is sponsored by Blue Buffalo™ and the BlogPaws® Pet Influencer Network™. I am being compensated for helping spread the word about Blue Buffalo’s extensive product offering for cats and dogs available at PetSmart®, but Beautiful Touches only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers. Blue Buffalo is not responsible for the content of this article.

I have two Furbabies and I want the very best for them.  One of the best things that I can do for them is to keep them as healthy as possible, and feeding them healthy pet food, is a big part of that goal.  When you “LOVE THEM LIKE FAMILY, FEED THEM LIKE FAMILY” I have a Lab/Weimaraner Mix and a Pug.  Labs are notorious for having hip issues and Pugs LOVE LOVE LOVE to eat, so keeping them at a proper weight is crucial.  I really appreciate that Blue Buffalo™  carries a wide rage of food to meet their needs AND that I can count on a great deal when I buy from PetSmart®.

Blue Buffalo™
YES – All the products you see on this aisle are by Blue Buffalo™! They have a formula that will be just right for your dog or cat’s specific needs!

Gabe and Gung Poe Wigglebutt eat BLUE Life Protection Formula® Healthy Weight Adult Dog Food – Chicken & Brown Rice. They get all the High Protein that they need, but with none of the grains that contain gluten.  This means that it’s easy for them to digest, and our little guy has fewer allergy symptoms.

Blue Buffalo™
“BLUE Life Protection Formula always features real chicken, fish, or lamb. They use whole grains, garden veggies and fruits and LifeSource Bits®, a precise blend of nutrients that have now been enhanced with Super 7 package of antioxidant-rich ingredients.”
Blue Buffalo™
Gabe is approving the choice of wet food by Blue Buffalo™.

While we don’t feed our boys wet food on a regular basis, we do add a little to their dry diet several times a week.  We also purchase the Wilderness Rolls and shred them in the food processor.  This gets sprinkled on their food daily, as it helps to stimulate our big guy’s appetite.


Blue Buffalo™


bb-logo-smallAbout Blue Buffalo™

Just like you, we’re dog and cat parents, pure and simple.

We don’t “own” our dogs and cats; they’re family members we treat with love and respect. Our office looks like a pet playground with a furry friend in almost every corner or vacant chair. (It sometimes seems that we have more dogs and cats than we do employees!) We have Daisy, Chris and Kim’s Golden; Moose, Dave’s Golden; Floyd, Monty and Lorraine’s Maine Coon Cat; Emma, Billy and Robin’s Yellow Lab; Zeta, Jeremy and Tanya’s Toy Poodle; Tabitha, Samantha’s pleasantly plump cat; Teddy, Rich’s Golden; and Charlie, Tom’s Black Lab

Blue Buffalo


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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of BLUE. The opinions and text are all mine.

#BestofBLUE Blue Buffalo™ Food for Your Furbabies

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303 thoughts on “#BestofBLUE Blue Buffalo™ Food for Your Furbabies

  1. I have never tried Blue Buffalo before for my dogs, but after reading this I believe I will try it for them, I looked at the ingredients for the food I feed them now and the first ingredient is Grain, so I want them to eat something that is more nutritious for them and something that gives them meat as the first ingredient. I want them to get the best.

  2. My sons dog is a very picky eater, he eats the cats food first and refuses his own until he is too hungry then just eats a few bites! I am not sure if he has tried Blue Buffalo or not but he says he has tried everything. The dog , actually still a pup is a pretty big dog, if I could afford to I would buy him a bag of this before he starves himself.

  3. My pups love Blue Buffalo and I am happy knowing that what I am feeding my fur babies is good for them.

  4. I used to feed my dogs Blue Buffalo, but Vinnie’s tummy just can’t handle it. It is a great food but to rich for him.

  5. I saw this on TV. I bet it’s really good for them I’m looking for a new food for my furbaby Dino. I think I might try this out.

  6. This is such good dog food. I love Blue Buffalo because it is made with really good ingredients that help my dog stay healthy!

  7. I won a Blue Buffalo snack in a Dog/cat Raffle Basket and there were 3 Different Products and the Dog Loved it …

  8. I have been hearing more and more about Blue Buffalo and it’s health benefits for my dog. I am going to have to try this.

  9. I have heard alot of good things about these products. I love feeding my pets healthy products. I will have to give this a try soon. Thank you so much for sharing

  10. Blue Buffalo is quality ingredients. And a quality diet is important to “furbabies”, just as it is for us. Definitely worth it!

  11. I am hearing more good reviews about Blue Buffalo. I have learned that possibly my senior friend would love it.

  12. I have a small dog and I love that they have food that is small nibbles versus the large chunks that he has trouble eating. Shows that they have a dedication to producing a food that works.

  13. Oh we need to look into Blue Buffalo for our dogs. We are not happy with their current food, and want to go with a healthier brand for them. I love how they use the whole grains.

  14. I would love to try blue buffalo for my dogs, but they are not tiny dogs, they are 50 lb pit bulls and they eat well. Bakardi is kind of skinny so the vet said I could feed her as much as she wanted….which is a lot. I do not feed them the cheapest dog food available, but neither can I afford too feed them Blue Buffalo either.

  15. I like that Blue Buffalo has a wide range of flavors to choose from their wet and dry foods. I like their Wilderness Wild Rolls and my furbabies love it, it’s a great treat now and then.

  16. My dogs are so picky the only blue buffalo they will eat is the canned food. but got to say they do love it.

  17. My little guy will eat just about anything, he is all about the food, but I need to try the Blue Buffalo as his go to meal. 🙂 Thank you for the informative review.

  18. I have not tried Blue Buffalo for my dog. But we like that it has better ingredients, and that is really important to us. I will have to check it out at PetSmart next time we go.

  19. (#BestofBLUE Blue Buffalo™ Food for Your Furbabies) Their products sound great for all of our furry friends. I have always wanted to try their pet food for our two cats.

  20. Earlier this year, we adopted an older dog with heart problems. What we didn’t know at the time was that he has some pretty bad allergies going on, probably food allergies. We’ve got him on a grain-free diet now. I wish we could afford Blue Buffalo–they have one formula in particular for senior dogs that I think would be great for our old guy.

  21. This is very good dog food and worth the price because it is so healthy for my dog. I like the Blue Buffalo brand and think it is the best. My dog loves this dog food.

  22. I get blue buffalo for my cats. It’s important to me that they eat natural ingredients, no fillers, no grain, etc.

  23. I have never give my fur babies Blue Buffalo before, but I’m definitely going to have to buy it and try it. I have been reading so many good things about their products and company. Thank you for sharing this,

  24. Glad to read this post and will be trying some for my dog. He does have some allergies so if it will help with that as well, would be a good choice for him. Thanks for sharing!

  25. I don’t currently have a dog, and don’t recall seeing this product when I did. I do think they have great packaging designs.

  26. Our dogs have never tried Blue Buffalo, it does look like it is something i should check out though. I have noticed the better named brands keep them healthier and fuller.

  27. This food sounds so healthy and one that our dog would like to try. We like to feed our animals high quality food like this.

  28. I have a new dog and finding a good dog food is really important. I love that Blue Buffalo is dedicated to proving good healthy dog food. I plan to find this at the store and see how my dog likes it.

  29. My nephew starting working for a local pet food store in town and recommended that we should check out Blue. And let me tell ya’ll, my dogs would back to their old pet brand. It costs more but so worth because they are much healthier.

  30. I have not yet tried this brand for my dog. I have heard many great things about the brand though and will consider giving it a try real soon.

    kport207 at gmail dot com

  31. Timely post.
    Your boys are beautiful too.
    I have heard about this line before..and contemplating a switch.
    My fur babies are happy with their current brand ..it’s healthy too.
    You are so correct they are family and we want the very best for them too.

  32. My neighbor feeds her 4 dogs Blue Buffalo and she says that is all the will feed them. I will have to try for my JJune Bug!!

  33. I have heard of blue buffalo but we have not tried it yet, it does sound like a good product. My dog is currently of a weight control food from his vet, he is now at a good weight so I will have to check out the calorie content.

  34. It’s about time they came out with pet food that has healthy ingredients instead of a bunch of by-products. I LOVE my pets and they deserve the very best in everything. Blue Buffalo offers that healthiness that our pets deserve.

  35. Wow! I didn’t realize they had such a selection of foods. I thought Blue Buffalo just had one or two formulas!

  36. I would love to afford Blue Buafflo for my furbabies. I love the ingredients and know its a better food for them.

  37. It looks like a great product that our dogs would love. I’m not really sure though if they are available here; I’ll keep a look out for them the next time I buy some dog food.

  38. That sounds like a wonderful high-quality dog food. I like that the grains do not contain gluten and are gentle on their digestion.

  39. Both of my dogs have allergies, so finding a food that helps with that is always great. I’ll look for Blue Buffalo dog food the next time I go to the store. Thanks for the review!

  40. I’ve heard alot of great things about this dog food! I know it’s better for your dogs than alot of the other brand out there!

  41. Blue Buffalo looks high-quality and yummy. I’m sure my dog would love it. What made me laugh out loud, though, is the cans. They just say “Hunter Stew” or “Chicken Pot Pie” and don’t have any dogs on them! I absolutely guarantee that if these were in my cupboard, my husband or teen boys would eat them up in a heartbeat..

  42. I have been hearing great things about Blue Buffalo and your review was really great! I may have to try it soon for my pup, he will probably love it!

  43. I have not tried this brand yet, but I am considering it. I have two elderly cats, siblings age eleleven. The cat food is most grocery stores concern me, most of the cat food is not formulated for older cats.

  44. This looks like healthy, good dog food. I have 4 dogs, including a puppy, and only recently realized how unhealthy our dog food was.

  45. Our pets like Blue Buffalo. I only wish I could afford it more often. I would totally recommend Blue Buffalo to others.

  46. I never even thought of pets having allergies and stuff. It’s always good to see more organic food available.

  47. I don’t have any pets. If I did, I’d give them whatever the vet would recommend. When I did have pets, I used a vet that my parents went to who is a farm vet. His family is all vets now too, so I’d go to them and see what they wanted my pet to eat 🙂 I have seen commercials for this brand and agree it sounds very good. Good also means pricey so it would depend on what I could afford. I still need money to pay vet bills! 🙂

  48. I feel good about giving my furbaby Blue Buffalo. I have no problem paying more for a quality product that is good for her and that she likes.

  49. I’m always interested in learning about products that can keep my furbaby happy and healthy. Ill have ot check out Blue Buffalo next time I’m in the pet store.

    Besos Sarah.

  50. Jax, our blue heeler, hasn’t tried Blue Buffalo yet, but I’ll bet anything that if he tries it, he’ll love it. He is always eager to try new dog things and sometimes they agree with him and sometimes not. This sounds so natural I think he would take to it!

  51. There are so many varieties of dog food out there that it is hard to know what to buy. Thanks for writing a review. I will have to check this brand out.

  52. I have never tried this dog food yet but I have seen this brand in the stores. I will have to check it out as I have 3 dogs who go through a lot of food.

  53. Love BLUE Buffalo just bought BLUE Santa Snacks Crunchy Dog Biscuits for my dog for Christmas. Great stocking stuffer!!!

  54. We are in between pooches right now. However, I have looked a Blue Buffalo several times and new purchased it because it is so pricey.

  55. I know this is a great brand & good food for our pets, but we just cannot afford it! We have a cat & a dog and I really wish we could feed them Blue Buffalo!

  56. I don’t have any dogs but this definitely sounds like something my parent’s dogs might like. I have heard only good things about it.

  57. I like to buy Blue Buffalo treats for my cats, they really love them and I feel like they’re getting great nutrition

  58. I would like to feed my cats (4 of them) Blue Buffalo since it’s a more natural product. Unfortunately, my budget won’t allow it.

  59. My friends always ask me for recommendation. I have not tried this but I think I will and if I like it, I will recommend it.

  60. My dog is picky and he tried it but we decided to stick with what he already uses. I guess change was to much for him.

  61. I have personally never tried this brand on my dogs and I have seen no difference in my dogs health to that of people that do use this brand.

  62. my dog could really do with this food with her allergies,,maybe if i could find some coupons for it i will see how she does on it.

  63. I love your pups names! I feel like I have been hearing a lot about Blue Buffalo lately. I don’t have dogs (yet!) but I know that when I do,I will be reaching for Blue Buffalo.They really seem to care deeply about your pets and I love that.

  64. I wish premium pet food such as this was more affordable, I have 2 large dogs and cannot afford food like this.

  65. This is the only dog food we use and our picky eaters love it. Several people had recommended this to us and we are happy that we decided to try it.

  66. My sister had a dog with grain allergies that could only really eat this food and she loved it. It also kept her weight in check. It’s definitely worth the money if you can afford it.

  67. We actually have a Blue Buffalo plant here, but I have never tried them before. I will have to give them a try! I love to support my local community.

  68. I have heard of this brand. I know a lot of foods are not that good for your animals. I want to try a bag of this for my mom’s dog. I bet she would enjoy it.

  69. This is what I feed my beagles. I actually switched to the Blue healthy weight because they were getting a little chubby.

  70. We recently lost our beloved pet. We are considering getting a new pup and I would like to try out Blue Buffalo when we do get a new pup.

  71. We use Blue Buffalo for our dogs. It’s a specialty item in our area and only one store carries it locally. After we switched to BB you could see and feel the sheen of the dogs coats changed from dull and coarse to shiny and soft. It was amazing so if it was doing that just to their coats I can only imagine what it’s done for them health wise.

  72. My dog, a puggle, tends to lick herself a lot. Someone told me it may be a reaction to grain in her food. I’d like to give this a try to see if it helps.
    Thank you for the review.

  73. Have seen and heard a lot about BLue BUffalo lately. Thanks for the information. WIll haveto give it a try.

  74. I have never tried Blue Menu. It sounds like it is a better food for them so I think I am going to try it.

  75. I have used Blue Buffalo in the past. IT is a great dogfood, however, I think that it is much more expensive than other similar products on the market.

  76. I tried Blue Buffalo once with my dogs and they liked it. I don’t buy it regularly because it isn’t available close to my house. I have to make a special trip to the pet store for it.

  77. I have heard a lot about blue lately. Me and my furbabies have not tried it yet, as I don’t like to change up the diet they are on. Thank you for the review, may have to give it a try.

  78. We have 2 dogs and are on a fixed budget. Be are somewhere between frugal and the best money can buy. Actually, we are no where near the best money can buy or we would all be eating steak. One pitbull is forever on the skinny side so she an basically eat whenever she wants, Both weigh about 50 lbs, I figure we go through about a 50 lb bag every couple of months or so plus treats and scraps. They eat pretty good and are on the older side so we must be doing something right.

  79. It’s good to know the Blue Life Protection Formula is gluten free as many dogs are allergic to gluten. Thank you for sharing these products.

  80. WE have always fed our dogs IAMS, mainly because that is what our vet recommended. I have done quite a bit of reading about BLUE though and if I was ever to switch dog foods, this would be one of two that I would be willing to try . Thanks for the info!

  81. I have never tried BLue Buffaflo however it certainly looks like something I will be feeding my dog. Definitely going to give it a try.

  82. It’s great that they have such a large selection. It makes it easy to find something for all your furbabies.

  83. I have never tried Blue Buffalo for my pets. I’ve seen commercials for them several times and wondered if they were really any better for my babies.

  84. When we had our Labrador, we fed her Blue Buffalo venison. I love this food as it had no wheat, corn or by products in it.

  85. I’ve always heard great things about Blue Buffalo, but have never purchased it for my dog. I have a 3 1/2 year old Border Spaniel who has only ever had Science Diet, so I’ve been hesitant to change his food. If I were to make a change, it would definitely be Blue Buffalo! Thanks for the post 🙂

  86. I want the best for my furbaby Dino! He deserves the best and I’m going to get this for him. I hope he likes it. I”ve been looking for a new dog food for him and I bet he’ll love this!

  87. I have never tried BLUE Buffalo on my dogs before. I’ve seen the commercials and knew I’ve wanted to try it, just never went and got some. After reading your post, it makes me really want to go get a bag and see how they do on it. The cheaper stuff just doesn’t sit well with my dogs. Definitely going to give this a try and see how much they love it, and see if there’s a change in their weight, and coat.

  88. I’m not familiar with the Blue Buffalo brand. I’m curious if they have a grain free version? My dog has to eat gluten free due to health concerns.

  89. I have a very picky eater, never tried Blue Buffalo, but going to now. Really like that it’s easy for them to digest.

  90. I have heard of Blue Buffalo before, but never really researched it! It seems like a great product for animals. Furbabies are worth the splurge!

  91. We haven’t tried Blue Buffalo before but it is something that we will change over to now. Our boys are the best and deserve the best. Thank you for the informative write up.

  92. We have never used Blue Buffalo but you definitely gave some great information about it. My sister is a vet so I will definitely ask her her thoughts.

  93. I have never heard of this brand before, I think i will try it out. I know its important to feed our pets the best type of food out there.

  94. We have both a dog and a cat, though we haven’t tried Blue Buffalo yet. Unfortunately it seems a bit too pricey for an everyday food, but if we find a coupon or see it on sale we’ll probably pick it up since we have heard good things about the brand. (Our pets can be picky eaters so we tend to stick to what they like that isn’t too pricey, but every once in a while when there is a sale we branch off to let them try different food. Our friends with pets love when this happens as they get the food if our pets turn it down.)

  95. My hubby and I also have two furbabies – a labrador-husky mix and a JRT – and we love them to bits! I don’t think this brand is available here but it’s great to have so many choices. 🙂

  96. I love the idea of blue buffalo. So healthy, less grain, less junk and fillers. But I’m skeptical because I also remember just how many recalls they’ve had over the years.

  97. I can only afford Blue Buffalo as more of a treat for my cats, but every time we go to Petsmart we MUST come home with a can of wet chow for everyone and that’s the brand we pick. I love their wild selections. Duck! Salmon! I love it, and my kitties do too. The wallet doesn’t love it though.

  98. It is important to know what you are feeding your pets. With that being said, sometimes it is difficult to afford the highest quality of food and your pets may not always like or eat it.

  99. I’ve never tried Blue Buffalo for my dog. She has a touchy tummy. I know Iams doesn’t work for her because it goes straight through her. I found one that she can handle, and I’m afraid to try others in case they don’t work out.

  100. This is such a great informative article. I like to keep my fur-babies all kindly happy, so this really helps out.

  101. My girlfriend buys blue buffalo for her dogs and they love it. I might have to switch to it since after reading the ingredients it sounds like it would be really good for them also.

  102. Heard of Blue Bufflao but havent found it in our stores here as of yet. It has great praise from people who have giving it to their pets. I would really like to try it for my fur kids!

  103. I have heard great things about this dog food. My dog is on organic dog food, but it is crazy expensive. I would love to find a food that is less expensive but still great ingredients.

  104. This food sounds great for our pets. I still need to get out and pick some up for Flossy. Thank you so much for sharing this

  105. We have bought Blue Buffalo a couple of times for our furry friends. Our cat is finicky. Our dog chomped right on in! I loved the fact that it is all natural! We’ve mixed it up with their other pet food because of the cost. As a family, we have ALL made sacrifices at times when things get tough!

  106. I have never tried Blue Buffalo before for my dogs, but after reading this I believe I will try it for them, I looked at the ingredients for the food I feed them now and the first ingredient is Grain, so I want them to eat something that is more nutritious for them and something that gives them meat as the first ingredient. This is such a great informative article. I like to keep my fur-babies all kindly happy, so this really helps out.

  107. I’ve seen this brand advertised on television. If the vets recommend it then it’s a good brand to use 🙂 I personally don’t have any pets right now but my sister has a new rescue puppy so I’ll tell her about this brand 🙂

  108. This brand of food for the dog sounds wonderful! I love the health benefits and you can
    really see how much goodness went into this food.

  109. I only use blue Buffalo for my two dogs. I’ve had Mia, my lab/ mastiff mix since she was 4 weeks old and she will be 7 this year. She is still a extremely active and playful dog, while her brother is completely opposite. He would rather cuddle and have his coat brushed than go for a walk.

  110. Do not have pets right now but I have heard very good things about Blue Buffalo products so I would definitely try it out if I get a dog later.

  111. Thank you for more info on the Blue brand. My little dog is getting older & is finicky. He no longer wants his dog meat & prefers the cat food! I ordered some of the Blue Wilderness canned dog meat & am hoping it will tempt him.

  112. After reading more of your article I can see I am going to have to take a trip to Petsmart to get more of the different kinds of Blue Wilderness in the can. I purchased some from chewy.com but they only have x number of types by the case or roll. Nice to see there is a lot more variety at Petsmart. Thanks for the info!

  113. I have an aging beagle whom is starting to show joint discomfort. I would like to help by controlling his food intake and am happy to see the options from Blue Buffalo to do so.

  114. no pets anymore………… no pet building………. but I have heard good things about this pet food

  115. I’ve never tried this for my dog, but I hear more and more people saying that they buy it for their pets. After reading this, I’m definitely going to try it.

  116. My dogs eat better than I do. So Spoiled, just like my children. And just like my children they look at me like I’m stupid if I tell them to get out of something.

  117. We follow a similar feeding routine. My parents feed their dogs more wet and all the dogs are over weight. Now, we don’t often go for Blue because of cost. Yet- I’m often looking out for coupons. I really enjoyed the article and like to see our feeding methods fit someone else’s! #GiveawayEntry

  118. I have not tried this for my dogs, I am always afraid to change their food. I know how to do it now and hope to try Blue Buffalo, I want them to eat the food that is the best for them.

  119. Gung Poe Wigglebutt…LOL love it! We shop at Petsmart and I’ve seen Blue Buffalo before, but never purchased it. I’ll have to try it out and see what our Izzy thinks.

  120. This sounds like a much healthier product to give to our dogs. I’d have to get a small bag to see if our dogs would like it or not.

  121. Love that there are so many different kinds of Blue Wilderness to tempt the furkids. I recently had purchased my little rescue dog several cases & loved that there were no dyes or anything unhealthy in it. I gave several cans to my sister for her american eskimo to try & waiting to hear his reaction. Thanks for the review!

  122. On that of the primary, the article was wonderful, I just sadly have to sat the product is way beyond that of my budget! With that said, I agree to that of what was said – “proper weight is crucial”. I really like that of how companies such as appreciate that of Blue Buffalo™ uses quality ingredients and carries a wide rage of food to meet the desires, needs and wants of our four-legged family members! AND maybe with the item being on that of a great deal I can afford to buy from PetSmart®.

  123. I have heard so many good things about this product. I love that there is no gluten. I will have to give this a try for our pets. Thank you so much for sharing

  124. I was not aware of the Blue Buffalo brand, even though I now realize it has been in the pet store where we’ve purchased dog food! I guess it’s easy to use what we’re familiar with and not question the mix. I’ll definitely give it a chance now that I’ve read your informative review. Thank you!

  125. This sounds like a great item. Thankful that it’s gluten free. Gotta try this for my dog. Thanks a bunch for posting.

  126. What an awesome selection!! I love that they encourage you to feed your pup like family <3 because of course they are!!

  127. We have tried several kinds of Blue Buffalo food for our Shih Tzu Sparkie in the past. He is REALLY picky about the dog food that he will eat, but loves about every kind of people food that we give him for a treat. They have come up with several new flavors that we are going to have him try since I like the Blue Buffalo foods better than most of the other brands

  128. I have never heard of this food before.. I will definitely look for it next time I go to the pet store.. My dogs are finicky though….

  129. I give my baby girl Fromm and the first ingredient is duck. I went to Hollywood Feed and had them help me but I almost went with Blue Buffalo. She has been so itchy lately so I might have to switch. Thanks for the review, I will definitely try it out.

  130. I haven’t tried Blue Buffalo for my cats yet but I will look for their products the next time I’m buying food. I want my cats to have the best.

  131. I have commented on this post before on January 14th, 2017. I don’t have too much more to add.
    Blue Buffalo is a great product for our furry friends!!

  132. I have never tried this brand but never have gotten around to it. It sounds like great dog food.

  133. I have heard nothing but amazing things about this brand!! I will make sure to share the info with my puppy loving friends!

  134. I will definitely have to look into this for my parent’s dog. Hopefully it is reasonable in price, while still being a great quality product.

  135. I have never us blue buffal but from all I have read and heard it is good stuff.

    No longer have pets (passed) but will pass onlong to family and friends

  136. about time there is food for pets that is really good for them…. OK you have to pay a little more BUT they are our furbabbies

  137. It still comes down to what I can afford to feed my dogs. I also have vet bills; monthly medicines, heartworm; fleas meds, etc. etc…..

  138. Sounds like an awesome dog food:) I’ve seen there ads on tv alot. Thank you 4 the review. I will tell my kids about this brand 4 their dogs.

  139. my furbaby would just love this food..this post gives me tons of info on their brand was wondering about this brand i have a very picky dog so thanks for this great post….

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