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Boosting The Beauty Of Your Property From The Sidewalk

Getting your property to look like it belongs on the cover of a magazine is never an easy task. But the kerb appeal of your home is very important, especially to the value. When you’re selling your home, the first photo anyone sees is the one that gives the view from the street or sidewalk. It’s the front facade. And it has to look amazing. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways you can give your home the facelift it needs to become the most attractive property on your street:

Trim, Sculpt, and Prune

Any bushes, hedges, lawns, plants or flowers in your front yard should be carefully trimmed and tidied to look their best. Not only will a little green-fingered attention to detail help them to look their best, but they might enjoy a healthy boost too. Healthy plants are an asset for the homeowner. They can provide privacy, add depth the outward appearance of your home, and bring a lot of much-needed color. Trees are less popular at the front. Some people fear the roots will damage the foundations of the house. Hire a tree surgeon to reduce the height and impact of any trees you might have here.


Start with the top of your property and work your way down. Any roof that has been in place for more than twenty years might soon be reaching the end of its reliable life. A fresh shingle up top will look fresh. It will look new, and it will look reliable. Choose roofers that can perform a complete service. In addition to the tiles, you might need new fixings, underlayment, and vents. Make sure all of this is provided, installed, and certified to your satisfaction. Why not add some lights under the soffits while you’re there?

Fascias and Weatherboards

Houses are built from lots of different materials. If yours is brick, consider checking the cement is still in good shape and free of mold. If there is paint over brick, it might be time for a fresh coat. Weatherboards and fascias often come in plastic or PVC, so they don’t require so much maintenance. Consider a fresh look for the front walls of your home.


Check the paint is fresh, and the windows are cleaned. Consider replacing older frame styles and adding extra security. Privacy tints can also be quite desirable.

 Boosting The Beauty Of Your Property From The Sidewalk

Garage Doors and Front Doors

More and more people are finding door providers that can match the garage and front door to give it a more stylish and uniform look. This makes sense if you’re hoping to create a very tidy look. Electric door choices for both are also highly desirable. Consider adding lots of security like video entry, security lights, and porch coverings for when it rains.

Driveway and Pathway

Finally, back at ground level, it’s time to pressure wash the paving at the front of your home. Sometimes a good brush is all it needs. But if you think yours is too tired to save, consider installing a fresh composite that you can add your own choice of color to. How amazing might your property look like with a little added beauty?


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  • This all sounds so wonderful. Many people concentrate most effort on the interior. One of my favorite things are front doors. I love a nice wooden door, that looks good with a decoration. If you get a fixer upper, I can see that attending properly to the outside can really be expensive.


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