3 Suggestions on How to Adapt Your Style and Presentation as You Age

Everyone is entitled to dress how they like, but ask most people what they think of guys in their 40’s and 50’s who dress like teenagers, with backwards baseball caps and baggy trousers – or women of the same age who go everywhere in mini skirts and crop tops – and the feedback is likely […]

3 Tips for Looking Your Best as You Get Older

Unfortunately, there’s no “instruction manual” on what to do when you get older, or how to always present yourself in the most graceful possible way as time moves on. For that reason, among other things, many people end up becoming deeply insecure and concerned, as they age, that they’re going to lose their looks and […]

Why Sleep Is So Important to Your Skincare and Beauty Regime

It’s no secret that women can spend a small fortune on their skincare and beauty regime, picking a whole host of top products meant to give them the skin of their dreams. While these products will certainly help in the quest for radiant, youthful, and healthy skin, it goes deeper than just the products you […]

Boosting Your Confidence And Tackling The Opinions You Have About Yourself

Confidence is often one of those things that so any women would love more of. You want to feel confident in who you are and what you are about? You want to look good and feel good doing it, but often you can hold yourself back because you have this fear. Confidence is actually not […]

9 Effective and Easy-To-Follow Skincare Tips For Winter

Although you love winter, but you know how troublesome it is for your skin. Low humidity and cold weather results in dry air, which extracts moisture from our skin every second of the day. Without prompt precautions, dry skin can extend to cracking and bleeding. Adding moisture to your skin can be helpful, but you […]

Nature Knows Best: 8 Reasons to Only Buy Natural Beauty and Health Products

When looking for ways to continually improve your looks, it is better to think organic. And this applies to everyone because our bodies readily absorb every material they’re exposed to— everything, from dirt to toxic chemicals that eventually make way into your skin and into to your bloodstream, and ultimately your kidneys and liver. Therefore, […]

These Simple Makeup Solutions Could Save You Three Hours A Week

Endless women across the country spend far too long cramped in front of a mirror trying to perfect their image. Makeup is, after all, how we have learnt to make the most of our looks. If you’re used to wearing it, even spending ten minutes less on your application could leave you feeling vulnerable. And, […]

5 Cosmetic Dental Options For A Better Smile

If you’re not completely happy with your smile, there are various procedures that can help. You want to look into each cosmetic dental procedure and determine the one that fits your dental goals. Of course, it is recommended that you consult your dentist for a professional opinion on what procedures will work for you. However, […]

Know Your Powders

Loose. Pressed. Highlighter. Bronzer. Contouring. Primer. Finishing. Mattifying. Blush. There are so many types of powders – how do you keep them all straight? Powders come in a couple basic forms and usually serve multiple purposes depending on the product. They can be worn as a primer to set your make-up or they can be […]