5 Products That Could Help You Beat Signs of Aging

Aging is real, ladies! And quite natural too. Although we need to embrace that process and not be bothered about it, those pesky wrinkles can be quite annoying sometimes. The signs of aging can also make one look very tired and weak. Makeup can come to emergency help but a clear and glowing skin is […]

How to Choose the Right Fragrance According to your Personality

Have you ever thought that maybe there was a specific scent for you out there? That there was a fragrance tied explicitly to your personality? In addition to scents out there related to the different seasons of the year, there are indeed fragrances available connected to one’s character. That said, it can be a complicated […]

6 Ways To Feel and Look Younger Each Day

6 Ways To Feel and Look Younger Each Day

While there is nothing you can do to physically stop time from moving and your age from getting higher each year, you can do plenty of things to make yourself look and feel much younger. Instead of being afraid of the next birthday coming up, you can embrace it with healthy habits and lifestyle choices […]

Finding The Perfect Foundation For Your Skin And Beauty Needs

You may have a dry skin, an oily skin, or an acne-prone skin. Whichever of those you have, finding the perfect foundation for your skin may be quite tough. If you visited a drugstore for one, you may not necessarily find samples. If you do make a purchase and returned home with the foundation you […]

4 Pro Tips to Reduce Pain When Epilating Body Hair

An epilator is an electronic device that removes unwanted body hair from the root. It is fitted with a set of tweezers that move in rotating fashion, grabbing and pulling out several hairs at once. Epilating is a cost-effective and convenient hair-removal technique, and over time you’ll notice that the hairs have grown weaker and […]

5 Curling Tips To Make Your Curls Last Longer

Curls are every woman’s favorite hairstyle as they instantly give a stylish appeal to their appearance. However, the biggest challenge is to go for professional styling and spend lots of money for the job. This is the reason that most women are trying it out at home. All you need is a curling iron, some […]

IGNITE By BriteWhite…LED Teeth Whitening System

Disclosure: This product was received from BriteWhite, for review purposes only. All opinions in this post are my own and I was not paid to endorse it. Sparkling beautiful white teeth, is something that I’ve never had.  I’m not sure if it’s due to being raised on well water, or just genetics. I’ve longed for […]

5 Popular Plastic Surgeries Procedures For Cosmetic Enhancements

Plastic surgeries for cosmetic purposes has gained acceptance in the recent years. There was a time when such surgeries were meant only for celebrities who wanted to retain their beauty and look ageless. Today, however, even common people do not hesitate to come under the knife. The reason is just plain and simple- they want […]

Skincare Routine by Age: 30s vs 50s

There isn’t a shortage of products that line the shelves in your beauty bar. By now, you must be very confused as to which products will really deliver for you not just better-looking but also, younger-looking skin even as you turn 30 all the way to your 50s and beyond. Even a high-performing wrinkle creams […]

Anti- Aging Skin Care Tips and tricks which Can Change Your Skin texture

We are all afraid of seeing signs of aging on our skin. After all, no one would want to look 50 when they are just only 30 years old, right? But with the harsh weather, dust, pollution and the harmful rays of the sun, having early signs of aging is inevitable (or so we think!). […]