3 Ways To Brighten Up Your Interior This Summer

With Summer just around the corner, we’re all likely to be feeling the wave of optimism the warmer weather brings and look forward to socializing in the sun.  Now, is a great time to focus on preparing your garden for all those exciting garden parties, water fights with the kids, slip and slides, picnics, brunches, […]

Crafting Your Perfect Home Meditative Space

Crafting your perfect home meditative space can be very worthwhile to do. It might be that your children have now flown the nest, and you feel like engaging in a form of scheduled relaxation daily. It might be that you work a high profile job, and your ‘relax hard’ is as important as your ‘work […]

What Are The Best Ways To Unplug A Shower Drain?

Experiencing a clogged shower drain is never an ideal way to start the day. While there are some creative home remedies for such situations, the best way to ensure a permanently operating shower drain is to immediately utilize the services of a plumber. Professional services in Toronto are worth the reasonable cost and can be […]

Home Repairs Better Left to the Professionals

There are certain issues that arise in a home that a homeowner can tackle on their own. Painting walls, changing shower heads, and even replacing the hardwood flooring in a house can sometimes be done by a homeowner. However, there are some things that a homeowner should never try to do on their own because […]

The Space Wasters You Didn't Know Were In Your Bathroom

The Space Wasters You Didn’t Know Were In Your Bathroom

  In most instances, the bathroom is a pretty small room. It certainly doesn’t need the same space as, say, a bedroom. You don’t need to fit a bed in there, or spend that much time in there at all. But, a small bathroom can be stressful, especially in a family home. During your morning […]

The Hidden Hovel That's A Great Hideaway! Upgrading Your Attic

The Hidden Hovel That’s A Great Hideaway! Upgrading Your Attic

While we have seen so many articles on the importance of curb appeal, and the importance of every room in your house looking fantastic when it comes to preparing your home for sale, or just increasing the value of your home, there’s always one room in the house which doesn’t get as much press, and that […]

Boosting The Beauty Of Your Property From The Sidewalk

Boosting The Beauty Of Your Property From The Sidewalk

Getting your property to look like it belongs on the cover of a magazine is never an easy task. But the kerb appeal of your home is very important, especially to the value. When you’re selling your home, the first photo anyone sees is the one that gives the view from the street or sidewalk. […]

Tabula Rasa: 3 Things To Do Before Moving Into Your New Home

Tabula Rasa: 3 Things To Do Before Moving Into Your New Home

So, the process is nearing completion. You’ve sold your existing house, found your new dream property, and you’re on the brink of getting the keys and making the move for good. It’s likely been a stressful time, but you can finally — finally — see the light beginning to appear at the end of the […]

9 Ideas To Give Your Home A Better Sense Of Flow

9 Ideas To Give Your Home A Better Sense Of Flow

If there’s one thing every single home should have, whether an entire family live there or a young singleton, it’s a sense of flow. A sense of flow within the home gives a better feel of tranquility. It makes it easier to get from A-B, with as few knocks and scrapes as possible. It allows […]

Why You Should Take Up Knitting and Crocheting

Why You Should Take Up Knitting and Crocheting Taking up activities like knitting and crocheting can have many wonderful benefits — the activities can ease stress, better your mental health and can even build relationships. Embracing the power of crafting will do more than give you the ability to make beautiful accessories, it will offer […]