The Advantages of Multiple Monitors for Gaming

At over $173 billion in value, the gaming industry is the largest media category in revenue, according to Insider Intelligence. It’s no surprise considering that gamers can earn anywhere from $12,000 to $60,000 and even much more, according to TechTimes. To support this though, gamers need the best equipment and the ultimate 6 monitor setup. […]

5 Top Motion Picture Exhibitors movie - tv - clapper-board

5 Top Motion Picture Exhibitors in North America

North American countries, particularly the United States of America and Canada, have registered exponential growth into their different sectors thanks to steady progress and favorable conditions. The film distribution industry has not been left behind in the entertainment sector, especially in the two countries, as they boast of a rich culture in this particular sector. […]

At-Home Activities For You and Your Partner Man and woman playing video games together on big screen TV

5 Summer At-Home Activities For You and Your Partner

Thanks to the successful vaccine rollouts around the world, we can all finally start to put lockdown activities behind us. However, staycations are far from anything from the past, and we are all forced to think twice about traveling abroad when restrictions and social distancing measures can turn any holiday into a headache.  However, just […]


Sew Magical! Sew Cute! Welcome Back Lalaloopsy

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post in collaboration with BSM Media and Lalaloopsy / MGA Entertainment.  All opinions are those of the authors. If you are looking for dolls that are cute and wholesome, then look no further than Lalaloopsy!   They let kids BE KIDS, and allow for imaginative play. I’m thrilled that they […]


How Stargirl Echoes Themes from Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Have you heard about the CW hit Stargirl?  It’s about the struggle to balance high school heroics with the perils of teenage life. And yes, you’ll see that it has a lot in common with another show known for superpowered schoolgirls — Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The connection is about more than how the halls […]

Woman in Pink top and Jeans using smartphone in airport

Use Your Smartphone to Keep You Entertained on Your Travels

People in Canada travel to relax, discover new things, or take part in business meetings. While travelling keeps you busy, it also gives you free time, during which you need entertainment. This is where your smartphone can turn into a source of endless and free entertainment. Guest writer Lucas Goldberg shares a few ways to […]

Desk with Kayo Sports on Computer Screen

Best Sports Documentaries that will Make You Keep Your Kayo Sports Subscription

Kayo Sports is a one-stop solution for watching live and on-demand sports content, including Football, Cricket, Baseball, Boxing, etc. Besides, the famous Australian sports streaming service allows you to watch all your favorite sports on three (3) different devices simultaneously.  Apart from this, you can use your official Kayo account to watch some of the […]

Catering Chefs Working in a Commercial Kitchen - Catering Services

A Night to Remember: 3 Ways Catering Services Improve the Quality of an Event

It doesn’t matter whether you are hosting a professional event or something personal like a birthday party or a wedding, having an event catered could be the smartest thing you could do for many reasons. The truth is that events of these types and many more are a lot of work to put on, and […]

Person Made Up for Halloween

How to Prepare for the Best At-Home Spooktober Season

Australia was never known for Halloween. On the contrary, the country is famous for notoriously not getting into the spooky October spirit. While the west welcomes trick-or-treating, dressing up in extravagant fantasy wear, and elaborate Halloween-themed home decor, the Land Down Under has a more low-key approach to the fun holiday. But plenty of Australians […]

Group of friends enjoying a meal and "toasting" - Garden Party Ideas

Champagne and Roses: 7 Garden Party Ideas to Celebrate Summer

On average, we spend about 5% of the day outside. Why not make that time more meaningful? As summer approaches, the weather is warming up and more people are spending time outdoors. If you have a beautiful backyard, now is the time to share it with your friends and family. One way to do so […]

Little boy holding toilet paper up to his eyes / Lock-Down Activities

Stay Busy Stay Sane Lock-Down Activities and Self Care

Disclaimer: Beautiful Touches has received some products / services listed below, in exchange for inclusion.  No monetary compensation has been received.  All OPINIONS stated are those of the author. Stay Busy Stay Sane Lock-Down Activities Let’s Roam  Roam from your home OR city near you. Digitally guided Scavenger Hunts.  Hunt or participate in activities inside […]