Last Minute Gift Ideas For Your Spouse

Love isn’t always easy, but it isn’t rocket science either. One thing all spouses share in common is the struggle to find last minute gifts. Year after year gift choices and ideas get smaller and smaller, leaving you to feel hopeless. Maybe last year you went all out and bought your spouse a home recording […]

Putting Your Name On It: The Art Of The Custom Gift

Giving gifts in the modern world can often feel like a bit of a soulless affair. While you enjoy making people happy, it can be hard to find something unique, especially with all of the items being sold by shops being mass produced. This makes the process an often boring one, and a lot of […]

Holiday extras for your loved ones

With Christmas coming up, you’ve undoubtedly been busy planning, buying, and wrapping gifts. In fact, there’s a chance you’ve already finished your shopping and are now collapsed in a heap beneath crumpled sparkly paper, glittery bows, and sticky tape as you await the arrival of Santa Claus. You’re probably pretty pleased with what you’ve bought. […]

Great Gifts For the Girl That’s Got It All

Do you have a female friend or family member that seems to have everything? That person that when it comes to Christmas and birthdays, you feel completely confused by? The woman that’s got everything she needs and buys herself everything she wants? We all know someone that seems to be impossible to buy for. Well, […]

Does A Small Gift Really Cut It In A Long-Term Relationship?

As time goes on, the priority of buying gifts in relationships seems to slip down the pecking order. The fact of the matter is that there are more important people to buy gifts for, or is that actually true? As we spend many years with our partners, and children come along, then grandchildren, and then […]

Anniversary Gift Inspiration

Anniversaries aren’t just for weddings anymore. Unmarried couples also like to pay tribute to some important milestones in their relationship, such as their first date, or the day they moved into their first apartment together. It’s never too early to start thinking about gift, especially if you’re celebrating an important year. Unfortunately, it’s always tough […]

Choosing a Wonderful Gift for Your Man

Choosing a gift for your boyfriend or husband can be a tricky task. Not only are they often difficult to please, but their interests are also usually different to our own. It’s tricky trying to understand the world of men, their hobbies and what they’d enjoy as a gift, so here are a couple of […]

Mothers Day Gifts Your Mother Will Love

The festive season is far from over, and we have just celebrated Easter. Next we need to start considering what we can get for our mothers for upcoming Mother’s Day. Mothers can be difficult to buy for. Having lived longer than us, most of them have accumulated all the things they need to live a […]

QMT Windchime Explosion Giveaway

Hi There Everyone…Welcome to the QMT Windchime Explosion Giveaway  Hosted By: Holiday Contest and Sweeps Co-Hosted By: Tom’s Take On Things Simply Sherryl Michigan Savings and More Java John Z’s The Ministers Wife Stamps and Saves Beautiful Touches My Devotional Thoughts Everyday Southwest Peanut Butter and Whine Proudly Presents The  QMT Windchime Explosion Giveaway  3 – […]

Sophisticated Easter Baskets

No matter how old you are you’re never too old for an Easter basket or Christmas stocking. My boys are grown and married, but I thought that they and my daughters-in-law might enjoy an Easter basket from mom and dad. Instead of using traditional baskets, I selected two containers that can be re-purposed after being emptied. […]