4 Top Tips for Adults Who Wear Braces on Their Teeth

Top Tips for Adults Who Wear Braces on Their Teeth

If you are soon to have corrective braces fitted to your teeth, there are a few important things to consider. While the traditional wire braces are still available, there is a much better alternative that comes in the form of Invisalign, which is a clear plastic corrective device that does the same job as steel […]

10 Essential Need-to-Know Facts About Assisted Living You Need to Think About

An assisted living community is a big change for any senior. It is also a major step for a family to decide to place a loved one in its care. Unlike a nursing home, assisted living provides a much more community-oriented environment for seniors. It can also take a lot of pressure off families that […]

Getting Your Old Body Back: 6 Tips for Losing Excess Fat After Childbirth

Having children is a wonderful and beautiful experience, but it definitely takes a toll on a new mother’s body. Many women struggle to lose excess fat on their body for months or even years after having a baby. Losing weight can be hard in any circumstance, but when a woman is trying to lose weight […]

The Dangers Within: 5 Reasons Why You Need to Purify the Water Before Drinking It

Water from cities is usually treated to help decrease contaminants, bacteria, and pollutants that may appear in the water. However, water is still prone to have contaminants enter through water streams by accident. With this, it is important to protect yourself and purify your water. The purification process helps dispose of any contaminants that may […]

Pain Relief with Try CBD Oil by Lokus™

Disclaimer: Beautiful Touches received product from Try CBD Oil by Lokus ™ to facilitate this posting.  No monetary compensation was exchanged.  All OPINIONS expressed are those of the author. I realize that this posting may be a bit controversial for some viewers.  I feel that it’s important.  CBD Oil is derived from a plant…just like  […]

Keeping the Flame Burning in Your Relationship: 8 Ideas for Spending Quality Time with Your Significant Other

Spending quality time with your partner can be vital to strengthening your marriage and keeping the flame burning in your relationship. But this can hardly be possible to achieve, especially once children are added into the equation or factors like work and health. What should you do if you find yourself in such a situation? […]

Give Mom the Gift of Happy Feet with Upstep Orthotics

Disclaimer: Beautiful Touches received product from Upstep Orthotics to facilitate this posting.  No monetary compensation was received.  All OPINIONS expressed are those of the author. Our feet are our foundation and if they aren’t happy the rest of our body suffers.  I have plantar fasciitis. The condition is so painful it is hard to put […]

Sleep Plays a Critical Role in Every Person’s Life.

Sleep plays a critical role in every person’s life. If you do not receive an adequate amount of sleep, it is likely that you will be sluggish the following day. You may also experience a feeling of drowsiness or forgetfulness when performing mental tasks. Conversely, receiving the proper amount of sleep will result in more […]

Getting a Grip on Your Life: 6 Tips for Staying Alcohol-Free

Every day there are people who decide that they are not going to drink alcohol. There are all kinds of reasons for such a decision, but the goal is always the same: find ways to cope with life’s challenges without the effects of a substance. The world at large very rarely observes such a decision […]

8 Things You Need to Know When Moving a Senior Loved One to a New Home

Taking care of a senior loved one is a big responsibility. You have to respect their position as an elder and fight the urge to treat them like a child just because they need a little help now and then. It’s not always easy, and neither is change. Whether you’re moving your loved one into […]

How to Apply for Disability Benefits for Different Disabilities

As you might expect, there are procedures that you will have to follow when you make a claim for disability benefits and if you have a number of issues that need to be assessed that can make it more complicated when you apply. What you will soon discover is that there are disability term differences […]

Treat Seasonal Allergies with OLBAS Herbal Remedies

Disclaimer: Beautiful Touches received product from OLBAS Herbal Remedies to facilitate this feature posting.  No monetary compensation was exchanged.  All OPINIONS expressed are those of the author. So Spring has sprung in many areas, and I know that a lot of people are excited about that…but I’m not one of them.  You see, I have […]

Prescription Painkillers Have Changed the Face of Addiction

When people envision someone suffering from drug addiction, they often picture someone homeless or otherwise living in extreme poverty. The truth is a little more complicated. The ongoing opioid addiction epidemic includes a wide swath of individuals living in communities far removed from the big city environments we associate with hard drug use. With this […]

Why Dog Owners Are Healthier And Happier

It’s not just your own bias speaking, there’s plenty of evidence that people who own dogs live happier and healthier lives. With their own unique personalities and wonderful fluffiness, that might seem like a no-brainer, but you might be surprised as just how much they can help us improve our way of living. Here’s why […]