Create An Elegant Spare Bedroom In 5 Simple Steps

There are quite a few homeowners out there who will have forgotten about their spare room. To them, this room is something only worth thinking about whenever they have guests. They will put a bed in it and that’s about it. As a result, it might end up looking quite gray and drab with a […]

Living a Healthy Life: What Different Types of Juicers Are There?

Fresh juices taste sweeter and are pulpier than the processed alternatives. Also, freshly-pressed juices have a load of additional benefits besides tastiness, including the ability to boost immunity, initiate weight loss, and detoxify the body and so on. Though not yet scientifically proven, some claim that these extracts can contribute to the prevention of cancer. […]

Mellanni Fine Linens for a Sultry Valentine’s Day

Disclaimer: Product was received from Mellanni Fine Linens to facility this feature posting,  No monetary compensation was exchanged.  All OPINIONS sated are those of the author. Romance is in the air…and with bedding from Mellanni Fine Linens… between the sheets! Why Mellani Fine Linenes? Mellanni Fine Linens wraps you in elegance, luxury and comfort. Our […]

11 Bathroom Essentials Every Home Should Have

Considering how much time most people spend in their bathrooms, one can say that it’s one of the most important parts of every home. Your bathroom is not just a place for showering, washing your face, or putting on makeup. It’s also a sanctuary where you unwind at the end of the day and wash […]

Home Decorating 101: How to Decorate the Perfect Living Room

You mostly spend your time hanging out in your living room, and having it well decorated could help you boost your productivity and satisfaction. The living room is frequently the first room in the house you see and where the tour starts when you have guests round. However, putting the perfect furniture in your living […]

Famous Bands that Started in a Garage

Some of the biggest bands in history actually started off in a garage – a fact which some find hard to believe. These bands changed the way people viewed music, some had a huge impact on politics, but all influenced their genre for years and years to come. It’s amazing to think that these bands […]

Moving Savings Can Help Create Storage For Your Home

Quite a bit can be said about the moving experience. It can instill a sense of adventure into people’s lives. And those people can almost certainly imagine countless opportunities to reinvent themselves. Moving opens one up to some amazing possibilities. But moving also tends to be a rather expensive endeavor. One of the real ironies […]

The New Café Matte Collection by GE is at Best Buy!

Disclaimer: I have received compensation from Best Buy for sharing this information.  Any opinions expressed are mine. #distinctbydesign @cafeappliances @BestBuy #ad Spruce up your kitchen this Holiday Season with the new Café Matte Collection by GE, at Best Buy! The Café suite is a customizable collection of appliances that can be found at your local Best […]

Creating The Perfect Family Bath: My Ideas To Help You Do It

Along with the kitchen, a bathroom can be a well-used room in the home. Especially if you just have the one family bathroom and many people wanting to use it. At the same time. So there can be a lot of strain on this room, so I thought I would share with you a few […]

Five Tricks to Help Your Bathroom Sell Your House

Buyers love a fresh and beautiful bathroom. It helps if the bathroom reminds them of places they associate with class – a luxury hotel or a soothing spa. When you are selling your home, you want to make sure that the buyer can imagine themselves living there. They need to be able to look at […]

Secrets to Making Your Place Smell Amazing All the Time

Did you know that the smell is one of the strongest senses and one of the things the human mind just can’t ignore? Well, as soon as your guests enter your house, they will definitely notice all the bad and unpleasant smells! However, even though you have a busy life and can’t conduct a thorough […]

Five Ways You Can Make New Family Members Feel Welcome In Your Home

Families change more often that decades ago, and we need to make sure that we all get on well and bond together. If you have just made a decision to join forces with your new partner and have to share the space with their kids and yours, it is important that you make everyone equally […]