8 Things That You Can Do with Your Ashes

For many years, there were few burial options after you had passed away. Recently, however, there have been many new and creative ideas that have become more popular for people after their deaths. From cremation diamonds to memorial trees to ashes into glass, there are now many new burial alternatives to consider. If you are […]

Lift Cough Sneeze Oooops: Restock Depend®

This is sponsored content written by me in partnership with Depend®. All opinions are my own. It’s time to start getting ready for the upcoming fall and winter holidays.  This means lots of cleaning, and sorting through all the seasonal decorations.  Lifting tubs out of storage.  coughing and sneezing from the dust..  Ooops!  A tinkle […]

I'm Grateful that I'm neither Judge nor Jury

This evening I’ve been seeing such hateful updates posted on Facebook, both before and after the Zimmerman verdict. Zimmerman should fry! Trayvon had it coming! What’s wrong with Florida? Death to whites! THESE ARE TRUTHS: I was not there.  A life was lost. Families grieve.  There is anger.  We don’t live in a perfect world. […]