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Cell Phones For Youth

How Young is TOO Young?

It seems that now days, kids are getting
cell phones at much younger ages.
Is this a good thing or a bad thing?
I have mixed feelings.

The upside, is of, course the ability
to communicate with your child.
The down side – cost, and another media
outlet which often replaces physical
activity, and other forms of mental stimulation.

Are cellphones being used as babysitters?
Are the apps that are now available, of
educational value?
Are there enough parental “locks” to make
cell phone use safe when unsupervised?

Every child and every situation is different.
Want more to think about?
There is an excellent article on the subject of
kids cell phone use, by
by Kelly, on  Moms Talk Network.

0 thoughts on “Cell Phones For Youth

  • I do feel they are much more necessary now than they were even just 10 years ago when pay phones were more excessable. But it drives me crazy that my 9 year old feels she needs a cell phone because all of her classmates have one. Actually, one of her friends has a nicer cell phone than me!

  • this is something we have been thinking about now that our oldest is ten. happy day to you! this is my first time here ☺, just stopped by from Only a Breath.


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