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Fashion Designer Andrea Behar Introduces Cellies™ Arm Candi for Your Cell™ –

A Creative & Stylish Way to Dress Your Mobile Phones

New York, NY (October 13, 2010) – What started out as a device to communicate, the cell phone has evolved over the years and has become a style statement for its users. Every few months, one comes across the most high-tech and sleekest cell phones in the market but not everybody can afford to keep up with changing trends. Consumers are discovering innovative and fashionable ways to customize their cell phones with creative accessories. Gone are the days of those ugly big black cases that protected the cell phone but made it look bulkier than usual. From “skins” and faceplate designs to charms and Swarovski Crystals, you can find as many accessories for your mobile phone as you will find for yourself.

However, until now, cell phone accessories were designed as separate fashion pieces and not designed to actually function as a part of your everyday wardrobe. To solve this fashion faux pas, designer, Andrea Behar created Cellies™ a stylish stretch cuff bracelet that easily slips on your wrist that allows cell phone users to conveniently wear their phones, and not just carry them.

Retail Cost: $35

The Cellies™ Story

“No matter how convenient cell phones are, they are quite a nuisance to carry around. I created Cellies™ because I needed something to solve a real problem I was having,” says Andrea. “I was either missing calls because I couldn’t hear my phone ringing or feel it vibrating in my bag. I would also try to tuck it discreetly inside my bra strap because I didn’t want to hold it in my hands all the time; or put it down somewhere and misplace it. I wanted something that allowed me to carry my phone hands-free and still be able to access it. The only options were bulky belt clip-ons.”

What are Cellies™?
Made from stretch power mesh, Cellies™ are a stylish solution designed to hold all wireless devices including cell phones, iPhones and Blackberries. Seamlessly fusing function and fashion, a convenient hands-free compartment securely holds your phone in place. The strong but transparent material provides viewers with touchable and visible access to their phones.
Cellies™ allow your hands to be completely free to drive safely, to work the office or house, be active, eat, workout, play sports – anything that you couldn’t do before while using your cell phone. Cellies™ are great for runners, snowboarders, cyclists, roller bladers, and people on the go. Cellies™ are for men, women, teens and sports enthusiasts. It allows them to carry their cell phone safely and securely without having to attach it to their belt or carry it in their pocket. Cellies™ also offer wearers instant access to their phones, credit cards, identification, business cards or even lip gloss without having to search through their handbag.

Cellies™: Functional Fashion

There’s no denying that studs are a must-have this season. They add instant edge to everything from handbags to shoes. Urban-glam with Cellies™ allover studded detailing, facetted stones and grommet cuffs by 

Andrea Behar.

Available colors: Black, Pink, White, Blue
Available materials: Mesh, Terry Cloth, Leather
Elastic pocket for security
Metal hardware
Dry-tech power mesh
5.0” L x 3.5” W
One size fits all

Meet the Innovator, Fashion Designer Andrea Behar

Andrea Behar’s modernist philosophy extends to fashion and beyond. She believes clothing should fit the way women live: with designs that are comfortable, contemporary and functional Andrea is someone who doesn’t entirely believe in the whims of fashion. She is not selling this season’s fashion, she is selling great clothes.

Committed to making flattering and luxurious pieces that celebrate women, for Andrea a career in fashion and design was inevitable. Growing up Andrea was influenced by her mother who owned a New Jersey boutique department store. Soon, Andrea developed her own innate sense of style, design, and creativity. Watching her mother only heightened Andrea’s love and passion for fashion. Andrea worked with Franck Olivier, a French Pret-a-Porter company in Paris, where she served as the director for the U.S. exported collection. Inspired to launch her own collection, Andrea created Jabé – a successful line of women’s apparel sold to boutique and department stores nationwide.

Currently, Andrea serves as Chief Designer of the Andrea Behar brand. Her feminine silhouettes are embellished with intricate details and her innovative ability to transform simple garments into sexy and luxurious clothing for women is the reason why major retailers have sought her designs for their own private label brands. Today, Andrea continues to extend her creativity by designing exclusive collections for Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdale’s, Boston Proper and Dillards.

Andrea is breaking the fashion mold by introducing a couture-like sensibility into everyday wear. With her independent spirit, she infuses cutting-edge ele
ments and effortless sophistication into every piece.

“Clothes are emotional. Our personalities, moods, and emotions effect how we dress,” says Andrea. “For women, clothes can relieve stress, mend a broken heart, fulfill a desire, and offer a reward. What we choose to wear is an extension of who we are.“

Now an inspiration to her own daughter Jordana, Andrea is collaborating with the 13 year old designer on a tween line called Jordy B.

The global success of the Andrea Behar brand continues to grow in Summer 2010 with the launch of Cellies. Described as “Arm Candi for Your Cell,” this functional fashion accessory is a stylish cuff bracelet that easily slips on your wrist and allows cell phone users to conveniently wear their phones, and not just carry them. The timeless and innovative creations of Andrea Behar will stand the test of time and soon will make her an international household name.

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Cellies™ Giveaway

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