Changes Changes Changes

So we’ve had to make some changes changes changes –  to accommodate another daughter and her 3 children.  They will be with us, I think, for at least 2 years.

This Year Last Year

We had to relocate my office/studio (which had a walk in closet and full bath), to other parts of the house.  I now take up a little less than half of our great room. I have my computer/craft desk, a separate craft desk and bookshelves to house many of my regularly used items.  I also have several shelving units in our garage, that handle the overflow.  This isn’t the most ideal situation, but it’s worth it, knowing that the boys have their own bedroom and bathroom.  Moving is always tough on kids (especially teenagers), and I want them to be as comfortable as possible.

Our daughter and grand daughter are upstairs in the old guest room.  The items that I stored up there have either gone to the garage, or into storage.  We are looking into getting some overhead storage for the garage, pantry and laundry room.  If that happens, we will move everything back to the house.  (This will save a ton of money over the next few years, because it would eliminate the need for a storage unit.)

Here is my little slice of heaven.

Sorry that this is blury, but I think that it gives you a pretty good idea of where I’m working.

Office 1 (1)
This is where I spend the majority of my time.

Office 1Boxes and Tags 1Additional shelving.

Office Corner
It’s amazing how much storage the “bench” provides.

More crafting supplies…and my crafting desk.

Craft Bookcase

Craft Desk
This is where I do most of my “flower” work, laminating and embossing.

And, here are a few more photos to finish up this post.

Under the DeskSo where do you keep all of your office/crafts supplies?  Do you have a home office, or are you utilizing a closet, or the dining room table.

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