Back pain is truly a modern epidemic. For some it is intermittent, which is no picnic, but for others it is chronic, and these unfortunate souls might struggle to face the demands of each new day. For these people, finding relief is high on their list of priorities. Otherwise they are in agony, and they are not able to take part in any of the recreational activities that they enjoy. Here are seven effective treatments for back pain of which you should be aware.

Heat Patches

There are several different sizes of heat patches that are on the market these days, and multiple companies that offer them. Because people rarely get back pain in the same place, the versatility and relative inexpensiveness of this option make it attractive. You can find ones that fit the lower, mid, or upper back, and they are easy to attach with velcro or different adhesives that won’t irritate the skin.


There are also different balms, like Icy Hot and others, that can be rubbed into the skin. These provide temporary relief, usually in the form of a cooling sensation followed by a warm one. You have no doubt seen them advertised on TV. They’re effective for people who tend to experience aches and pains in the back after a long day of work.


Cannabis and cannabinoids have long been known to possess pain-reducing properties, which is why so many states are now offering medical marijuana for certain conditions. If you have an aversion to smoking it, there are also places like where there are multiple other options for its consumption. Balms, oils, edibles, and other cannabis products are now on the market, and with some careful experimentation, you may find that they are quite useful for managing chronic or acute back pain.


A good old-fashioned back massage is great for curing what ails you. Going to a licensed massage therapist for an hour can work wonders, as they can tackle whatever muscles feel the most irritated. The only drawback is that this solution can get expensive rather quickly.


Yoga is useful for achieving inner peace, but it can also help with a sore back. If you find a beginner’s yoga class and explain to the instructor what’s happening with you physically, they should be able to tell you if yoga is a viable option. Often if you take regular classes, you will find that the increased flexibility will help with pain management.

Maintain Proper Posture

Many times you will find that part of the reason you are experiencing frequent back pain is that you are slumping over while you are working at a computer or sitting behind a desk for multiple hours a day. Maintaining proper posture is hard to do if you’re not used to it, but it can help you with back pain over time.

Go to Physical Therapy

If all else fails, it can be helpful to go to physical therapy to find out precisely what is wrong with your back and what you can do to combat it. The physical therapist can recommend some exercises for you to do at home that will aid your chronic pain.

Sometimes it is not one of these options that works, but a combination of several of them. If you experience frequent back pain, it is vital for you to find a solution. Otherwise you will be miserable, as your back problems are only likely to increase with the passage of time.

Combatting the Illnesses of the Modern Times: 7 Effective Remedies for Back Pain

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  1. I have tried all the above for my back pain, and find that all are a bit effective – though temporary. Sometimes I am so glad that narcotics exist or I would not be able to get out of bed from the pain.

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