Comfy Outdoor Seating by ciao! baby

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It’s outdoor season in the South – just about all year long.  So, it’s great to have a way to let grandbabies enjoy the outside in a practical and comfy way…Enter ciao! Baby!

The ciao! baby ® portable chair is the go-anywhere- high-chair. The perfect solution for families on the go!About ciao! Baby:


The key is that the portable chair is sturdy but lightweight.  It’s so easy to set up, move and pack away for travel.  We have backyard chickens, and the grandson that lives with us, just loves being outside to watch them.  Being that we are all blondes or redheads and have very fair skin and blue or green eyes, we don’t get along with the sun.  So, little Ali-Baba, needs lots of protection from the suns rays, even when he is out on the porch.  ciao! Baby has offered  us the perfect solution!

Comfy Outdoor Seating by ciao! baby

Comfy Outdoor Seating by ciao! Baby

And clean up is so easy.  Just wipe clean.  There is a compartment to hold sippy cup and get this…ciao! Baby offers an umbrella that can be attached to chair!

Comfy Outdoor Seating by ciao! Baby

We can easily position the umbrella to keep sun out of his eyes. He is trilled to sit outside, enjoying the fresh air and sunshine. He laughs and giggles when his friends come over to visit.

Comfy Outdoor Seating by ciao! BabyPeek-a-boo, who’s there?

Comfy Outdoor Seating by ciao! Baby
It’s Foghorn, coming to visit (and hoping for treats)!

Comfy Outdoor Seating by ciao! babyThe ciao! Baby portable high chair comes in a nifty carrying bag, so it’s a breeze to pack into the trunk of the car, to take with us!  Great for taking to the park or when visiting family and friends who don’t have a highchair in their home.

Chairs are available in an assortment of colors, and for all the college fans, they offer chairs for Collegiate Teams from A – Z. Find chair accessories and diaper bags too!

Comfy Outdoor Seating by ciao! baby


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Comfy Outdoor Seating by ciao! baby

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9 thoughts on “Comfy Outdoor Seating by ciao! baby

  1. What a cutie! Looks like he is having a great time outside in his new seat. Can’t wait until it’s warm enough here to go outside!

  2. This is such an awesome idea for the spring and summer time. I think I will need one of these in the future when I have kids.

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