By Milda Urbonaite

Going to a SPA is one of the things we’ve currently put on hold. Ironically, most of us would benefit immensely from a day (or a week!) of pampering.

But with just a few simple steps, we can safely create our own relaxation and beauty ritual at home. At a fraction of the cost!

Here’s how you can treat yourself to a luxurious SPA experience at home.

Unplug from tech

Before you start with anything else, make sure you’re unplugged from any technology. We spend way too much time with our computers, phones, social media, and other outside noise. To calm down our nervous system and prepare it for deep relaxation, turn your devices and WIFI off.

Buy fresh flowers 

Beautiful Orchid on Caddy over Bathtub - SPA experience at home

Beautiful flower blossoms create a safe and secure environment and signal us that we’re safe to relax.

Buy some flowers at your local market (they can be simple and inexpensive!) and place them in your bathroom and space you’ll be relaxing in. Don’t you already feel like in a safe-haven?

Set up music

Time to set the mood with some relaxing music! Choose something neutral and calming like classical compositions or nature sounds. Many streaming services like Spotify offer SPA playlists ready to play.

We recommend listening to the music in advance, so you’re sure you like it. Then download it, so you don’t need to put the wifi back on.

It’s up to you but better to avoid emotional or upbeat tunes since they can be distracting.

Enjoy aromatherapy 

Aromatherapy is used to soothe the brain and emotions for centuries. No wonder every SPA smells divine!

Make sure you create the same experience at home with scented candles and essential oils. The fun part is that you get to pick the fragrances yourself!

The best way to get the entire space smelling like paradise is to use an essential oil diffuser. According to, to support emotional health, oils such as bergamot, patchouli, and rose. Eucalyptus, peppermint, and tea tree can kill bacteria and support respiratory health by relieving cough or nasal congestion.

Wear a robe

Woman in Fluffy Robe with facial beauty mask - SPA experience at home

Don’t you love those fluffy soft robes at the SPA? You definitely should wear one too for your at-home-SPA experience!

If you don’t have a robe choose a dressing gown or soft and comfortable clothes such as pajama bottoms and high-quality t-shirts like the ones you can find online at

Dim the lights and meditate 

Candles and low-lights create an intimate and relaxing environment, perfect for meditation. In combination with the aromatherapy and soothing music, you have your own meditation shala!

Just sit there calmly, with a straight back, eyes closed, and spend 10-15 minutes breathing deeply and meditating. You’ll calm your mind, nervous system, and feel rejuvenated.

Draw a bath

Filling Tub with Scented Oil - SPA experience at home

What’s more luxurious than a bubble bath? Prepare some bath bombs, salts, or oils, ensure the water temperature is just right, and the lights are not too bright (those candles will come in handy here!).

You can just lay there and relax, or you can take it to another level and prepare a glass of fresh juice or calming peppermint tea to feel like a royal!

Give yourself a beauty treatment 

With just a few products, you can give the salon hair or facial treatments a run for their money!

For your face, choose some lovely cleansing oils, exfoliators, deep-nourishing masks, and moisturizers. For the hair, pick out a deep-hydrating mask or hair oil.

Apply the treatments after, before, or during the bath time. You’ll feel soft, replenished, and glowy afterward!

Enjoy a manicure

As suggests, one of the most straightforward methods of pampering yourself at home is giving yourself a manicure. You’ll need a nail file, a bowl of warm water, a cuticle pusher, your favorite nail polish color, and some hand cream.

Start with shaping your nails, then give them a soak in warm water, remove excess cuticle, dry your hands, and gradually apply 2 coats of nail polish. Later moisturize your hands with hand cream!

Make your own beauty products 

If you don’t have some of the beauty products, you don’t need to buy them! It’s so much fun and saves a ton of money to make them at home.

If you’re a rookie at this, start with simple scrubs, oil blends, and masks and later graduate to moisturizers and bath bombs! There are so many simple tutorials online, and you probably have the majority of the ingredients at home already.

Nourish your body 

It’s hard to believe, but after a few hours of serious pampering, you’ll be ravenous! Cook a simple but nourishing meal to enjoy after this relaxing time (it’s best to prepare it in advance and reheat it later), or if you don’t feel like cooking, order a take-out. We recommend forgoing a greasy pizza and burgers this time, opt for a healthy, balanced meal!

Read a book

Finally, finish the day with a good book. Yes, we all love a good TV show, but to keep your nervous system calm and balanced, we recommend a good, inspiring read and deep sleep after!







Create a luxurious SPA experience at home

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